Padma Bridge’s 42 pillars reflect courageous Bangladesh: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said the government didn’t become disappointed as the construction of the Padma Bridge has been delayed for two years due to conspiracy. The 42 pillars

At least 46 migrants found dead inside a truck in San Antonio, officials say

At least 46 people have been found dead inside a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas, in what appears to be a human smuggling attempt along the United States-Mexico border. Mexico’s foreign mi

PM Hasina opens Bangladesh’s longest bridge over River Padma!

Dhaka, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated a landmark bridge over the turbulent Padma River after years of delay due to allegations of corruption that forced the World Bank to wal

Sheikh Hasina seeks more investment from Kuwait

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday urged the Kuwait government to invest in the Special Economic Zones of Bangladesh. She also urged the Middle Eastern country for recruiting more skilled and

Biden welcomes wounded warriors, and families to the White House ahead of an annual bike ride

President Joe Biden and the first female Jill Biden welcomed wounded carrier individuals to the White House Thursday in advance of their annual motorbike ride. You're satisfactory America has to o

Supreme Court strikes down New York law regulating concealed handguns in public

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled in a major case related to whether or not there may be a fundamental right to hold a hid handgun outdoor in the house in public for self-defense. The court doc

An iconic floating hotel in Hong Kong sinks in the South China Sea

A famous floating restaurant in Hong Kong has sunk in the South China Sea. It was told that Jumbo Floating Restaurant capsized after encountering adverse conditions in the sea. Aberdeen Restaurant

The Iowa Supreme Court Abortion Ruling a Reminder of the Importance of State Courts

Today the Iowa Supreme Court issued a groundbreaking choice in Planned Parenthood of the Heartland v. Reynolds that at least begins the system of having that courtroom out of the enterprise of dictat

Saudi Arabia eases mask mandate as first Hajj pilgrims arrive

Saudi Arabia has lifted a mask mandate for indoor areas at the same time as COVID-19 infection numbers progressively climb past 1,000 new cases a day after accomplishing double-digit lows simply mont

Islamophobia is the norm in Modi’s India

India is currently going through an global backlash over Islamophobic comments against the Prophet Muhammad and his wife Aisha, made by outstanding contributors of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hi

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