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Blessings of quick marriage

Marriage is a human need. It is also the provision of Allah the Almighty. Basically, men and women complement each other creatively. Men's lives without women and women's lives without men are incomplete. People's loneliness and loneliness is removed through marriage. Life is full of happiness and joy.

In fact, the importance of marriage in life. After creating Hazrat Adam (AS), Allah created Hazrat Eve (AS) as his life partner. He bound them in love through marriage. That continuity is still going on in the world.

It is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, and among His Signs is that He has created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find peace in them. And He has created love and affection among you. (Surah Room, verse: 21)

The ulama have mentioned many animals in this regard. Among them, two special Qur'anic periods are mentioned here.

In that prayer, a good life partner is gained

The story of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) has been narrated in the Holy Quran. There is also a prayer of Musa (AS). After reciting that prayer, Allah has arranged her marriage and accommodation. Besides shelter, he has also arranged a good life partner. That prayer is-

ﺭﺏّ ﺇﺇﻧﻧ ﻟﻤﺎ ﻧْﺰﻟْﺖ ﺇﻧْﺰﻟْﺖ

Pronunciation: Rabbi Inni Lima- Anjalata Ilaya Min Khairin Fakir.

Meaning: O my Lord, I am indebted to you for the grace you send me. (Surat al-Qasas, verse 24)
Blessings for the wife who soothes the eyes

The Qur'an speaks of many virtues in the identity of God's beloved servants. One of them is that they pray for a virtuous wife and child. You can also do the prayer described in the Qur'an. InshaAllah you will be blessed with a peaceful wife. By teaching Doa, Allah Almighty says-

ﺑ ﺑ ّﻨ

Pronunciation: Rabbana-Hablana-Min Azwa-Jina-Wa Jurriya-Tina, Qurrata A’union, Waz’alna-Lilmuttakina Ima-Ma-.

Meaning: Our Lord, grant us the coolness of eyes from our wives and our children and make us a model for the God-fearing. (Surat al-Furqan: 74)

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