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Capcut template video editing tutorial

Welcome to today’s Sky background change Trending Most Popular Video Editing Tutorial
This Video is 2022 New video editing in Inshot. I presented the video in a very simple way and showed every step. I hope you can easily edit this type of video editing.

The materials we need to edit the video are:

1/ Cap cut

2/ photo

3/ video pamphlet

Now let’s see how you can download the materials

1/ At the bottom you can see a download button. So you will first click on the download button

2/ After clicking the download button you will see an interface like this

3/ So after seeing such an interface, you will select the (Google Chrome) option from here. Then you can see such an interface.

4/ After viewing such an interface you will get photos and videos. So now you will click on the file

5/ After clicking the file will be opened. So now you download the file as shown in the video

⬇️⬇️ Finally you click on the download button below to download the video and photo ⤵️⤵️

In this way, you can easily download the materials for editing the video

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