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Elvenar – Fantasy City Builder Game with elves and humans – Elvenar Download and Reviews

In Elvenar you’ll locate yourself in a legendary delusion international. This beautiful fable town builder helps you to select to play as either elves or human beings. Your challenge as the ruler of the city is to help your humans prosper. While the mystic elves command effective magic, which indicates in each of their creatures and their buildings, humans exhibit a strong connection to medieval weaponry.

In the myth video game Elvenar, nearly every construction can be upgraded and visually modified a couple of times to boom productivity, turning into ever more lovely inside the technique. The important hall, factories, workers huts, residentials, and plenty of extra homes are waiting to be upgraded through your eager hands. Transform your small village into an aspiring kingdom!

Embark on interesting quests on the sector map, discover the regions around your metropolis and choose rare relics to boost your manufacturing. And don’t forget to analyze superior technologies! More than 200 one-of-a-kind improvements may be observed and unlocked inside the online metropolis builder world of Elvenar.

Begin your adventure in a protracted-forgotten myth global with a small town, beginning both as powerful magical elves or medieval, warlike humans. Explore the world map of this awesome online game to uncover rare relics that help you to develop your city quicker!

All facts about Elvenar :

  • Fantasy City Builder Game
  • Fantasy Setting
  • Build and shape your own city
  • Huge world map
  • Relic system to boost productions
  • Research hundreds of technologies
  • Choose your favorite race
  • Raise your own army of fantastic creatures
  • Animated 3D Battles

CHOOSE YOUR RACE – Play as powerful humans or magical elves to build as you spot to fit.

START INSTANTLY – City construction is quick and easy with a pleasant creation and lively community.

EXPLORE THE WORLD – Discover new provinces to make bigger your town.

TRADE WITH FRIENDS – Trade items and resources with fellow players and traders inside the market.

ADVANCE YOUR CIVILIZATION – Upgrade your buildings to deliver your developing populace.

WELCOME NEW CREATURES – Create a home for dwarves, fairies, dragons, and different charming fantasy races.


Choose between elves and humans to build a beautiful, fantasy city. Discover a world of magic and mystery as you constantly build, develop and expand your realm. You decide how to advance your city as you gather resources, trade with other players, and research ancient technologies. Whether you want to build a whimsical paradise or a well-organized metropolis, it’s easy to create a home for fantasy creatures and enjoy the detailed beauty of Elvenar.

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