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General principles of body composition

Are you new to the fascinating world of bodybuilding? Then, first of all, you need to understand the basic principles and concepts of muscle growth! If you don’t know the basic facts, you can make up for the lack of knowledge of FACT mechanisms and principles! And to understand them, you are sure to achieve significant results!

Do you want to have a mountain to build muscle as fast as possible? You must have many questions. Don’t worry, all difficulties can be overcome, problems can be solved and goals can be achieved!

Let’s start with the first, most important principle of fast muscle growth! Following this principle, you will always attract the attention of not only colleagues in simulators but also the opposite sex!

Recovery policy

What is your workout? game? What is the mountain pump muscle? Cube press? Flat stomach sexy model? My definition of exercise is unique to each of you. But fitness for you should be more than just exercise, it should be your way of life, a way of life! After all, you’ll be dealing with them 24 hours a day. Do you think I’ll let you do push-ups at night? No! Knowing what happens at night is most important.
Muscles do not grow during exercise, on vacation! The paradox? But it’s true! Therefore, your muscles do not need long tiring, training. A vacation is required, during which there is a driving recovery. There are short gaps after muscle training. At rest, there is a recovery pause and then the muscles adapt to the stress. Muscle growth and when you sleep. Very convenient, right? Therefore, the balance between training and rest must be observed unconditionally and unconditionally!

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Did you watch the whole former left patron’s gym that month? No muscle growth, bloated stomach, almost no change! And do you know why? Because they do not add weight to the load. Each time one and the same load, the same weight, the same, known exercise pain. Accordingly, the same results, or rather, lack thereof.

Note each time, for each workout you need to increase the load and do complex challenges. Naturally, gradually, but every (!) time. If the muscle load does not increase several repetitions, more weight than the previous load, the muscles will not increase their size. All natural! The task you have to set yourself is overloading your muscles. Then the muscles adapt to a seemingly impossible task and soon you will be amazed at the progress! You will see with your own eyes!

And if you make this principle a principle in training, the result will exceed all your expectations!

Principles of diaries

Do you know the secret to big gains in bodybuilding? It will help you organize and plan training sessions and remember the principle of overload and other important principles. This is the diary. Does general diary ask? No, unusual! Training diary! In it, you will mark the weight you last took, and the weight you plan to take today. In it, you have to pass on other, very important things. As for information on how to fill the blog, I’ll cover that a bit later. Do you think that will cope without him? Well, well… then friends, don’t be surprised by the lack of improvement

Principles of practice

All exercises can be classified into different parts:

By the number of muscles involved in the exercise (isolation, base).
To vector (pull, push).

Groups of muscles that stretch (abdominals, legs, back, etc.).

For you, beginners, basic exercises are recommended initially. These exercises will ensure rapid growth of all muscle groups. Classic basic exercises are performed using loads (barbells, dumbbells), but not a simulator! They facilitate your task policy. Do you need it? Remember the overload policy! The exercise needs to be done correctly, then the muscles will be worked.

Repetition Policy

What is repetition? Exercise from this embodiment ground. Usually, 6-12 repetitions are done. This is because it provides maximum muscle growth in the number of repetitions (and this is what we aim for, right?). So you can do a lot of repetitions, and reduce the weight by 60-70% of how many can only be taken at once. Well, like that. If I could bench press a 100-pound barbell, I could do 6 to 8 reps of 70 pounds on top of the bar. A series of iterations at a time is called a procedure or set.

Principle of set

Any exercise should be done in a certain number of sets. Sometimes you can load downplay to exaggerate or vice versa. The most optimal number for rapid muscle growth – in a typical practice, between 2 and 4 business methods. Sometimes they add sets with minimal weights, and warm-ups. 4 to 16 sets per workout, 2-4 respectively for muscle groups used in bodybuilding exercises. Written as follows: Bench press 4×6 – 8. That is, 4 sets of 6-8 reps. That’s math!

failure principle

This principle is directly related to the principle of overload. How do you know that muscle is overloaded? When a muscle failure, eg, muscle fatigue. This type of fatigue is no longer under force with proper exercise techniques. You are doing a partial press, not a full-force press. Muscle failure – a guarantee of sufficient load on the muscles. If you stop earlier, that is, when you can do static exercises when your muscles are not loaded, thus do not grow. And because your muscles need to grow and grow!

complex (split)

Previously, every bodybuilder had only one type of workout. The monotonous exercise was compensated for by a significant number of exercises and procedures. As a result, it was very difficult to engage all the muscle groups and work with them perfectly due to great fatigue. And hence, the effectiveness of the training was low.

Then, decided to load different muscle groups instead of training. This system is called split in English. Different days are supposed to pump different muscles. As a rule, training is carried out for 2-3 days, then a day of rest. Split a big set, but give mandatory rest after each training day! And all the muscles of the body get enough load once in 4-8 days.

power principle

The most difficult principle. Although for some … the bottom line is that you need to completely revise your diet. As a reward for high-level achievements in sports! To grow muscles faster, you should eat more often, but the portions should be reduced. This, in turn, speeds up metabolism. And to build muscle protein, the number of mothers should also be increased. At a ratio of 2 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight. 70 kg – 3.5 kg of protein. Awesome? Impressive?

Eggs, fish, meat, and dairy products contain protein. A protein shake? A great option, especially at night!

growth principle

The most important thing – is desire. You can get an amazing body with an incredible tool like bodybuilding. Build a mountain of muscle, or maybe pump up a bit? Success will be achieved if there is desire and perseverance to achieve the goal. You are not yet familiar with your body’s unique abilities. Looking for professional athletes, remember that they were once in your shoes. Many do not know how to do not know fear. Start with small weights, and gradually increase the load. But today they are on top. So take a step towards it! Keep growing, don’t stand still! Change your body for good!

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