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How do you know if you are happy or not?

Happiness cannot be measured. But scientists have so far conducted many surveys and studies to verify who is happy and who is not.

By conducting various experiments and surveys, scientists have found out how happy people can actually be recognized. Scientists have reported several symptoms. By which you can know whether you are happy or not-

Delaying everything

Being late for work or reaching office late is not a good habit at all. But those who always finish work late are happier and live longer.

According to scientists, people who work late are more optimistic about time management. They are more motivated than others. Such people are calm in nature and never panic in busy situations.

Wake up early
Scientists have found that people who wake up early in the morning are happier and happier than others. On the other hand, those who sleep late are less satisfied with life and suffer from more mental illness. On the other hand, early risers suffer less from depression and chronic illness.

If you have a sister

In families where there are sisters, brothers and sisters are happier than others. The main reason for this is that women can discuss all the matters of other brothers and sisters than men.

Also, having an older sister in the family improves social skills and men can interact better with women, and even learn how to respect women.

If the flower gardener is the gardener

Scientists have found through various studies that flower gardeners are the happiest than people in all other professions. Even prestigious and well-paid jobs do not provide the same amount of happiness. For example, the least happy workers were HR and IT workers and bankers.

If in Finland

Each country’s happiness is assessed in an annual report by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions. The most important of which are surveys such as life expectancy and social issues.

Finland has been named the happiest country among many countries. People there are happier with their overall lives.

Those who eat lots of fruits and vegetables

One study found that participants who increased their daily fruit and vegetable intake from 3-4 servings to 8 servings were happier than before. Their happiness was equal to finding a new job.

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