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How Listen to the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse Accelerate

Ford’s new S650 Mustang range consists of a song-focused, new-for-2024 variant called the Dark Horse. While we no longer recognize precisely how powerful the automobile goes to be, we realize that a targeted output of around 500 hp has to make it a reasonably successful song car. Now, we additionally recognize what it sounds like underneath acceleration.

In a video shared by means of YouTuber DtRockstar1 taken at the Mustang Stampede occasion where the auto changed into announced, we are able to see a numbered Dark Horse S650 idling at a gas station throughout the way from a few older Mustang models. The fourth generation 5.0 Coyote V-eight is visible inside the engine bay and heard aggressively idling, then the motive force pulls away for a full-throated acceleration run. As you may count on, the Dark Horse sounds definitely aggressive for a overall performance-focused Mustang.

The Dark Horse may be prepared with either a 10-velocity automatic or the Tremec-sourced six-speed guide additionally seen at the Mach 1. Recalibrated MagneRide surprise absorbers and extra cooling useful resource the auto’s tune readiness, whilst extra stiffness comes from new Ford Performance-designed braces. All that makes the Dark Horse the overall performance automobile for the fanatic seeking to drive their Mustang to the music, however greater devoted enthusiasts additionally have the option to reserve the Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R. These two music-only variants that ratchet up the intense nature of the car a whole lot in addition, with the R even organized to race competitively.

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