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How to get a US Bank Credit Card from India?

You may be transferred to America briefly for work or analysis otherwise you are probably making plans to relax there for life. In any case, it helps to have a credit score card to make transactions easier for you within the overseas land. However, your loss of any credit score records inside the US makes it as an alternative hard on the way to get a credit score card there. So, what’s the alternative you have got in this case? Let’s find out!

Why search for a US credit card from India?
It is important to well know that it is less complicated to pay using the US credit score card when you are staying there due to the fact you can’t pay the use of your Indian one. Of course, many Indian credit playing cards will not even paintings within the US, which is another difficulty. You will neither get those interesting cashback and rewards on your Indian cards although you could swipe them within the US.

Moreover, you built up an amazing credit score in India, and the truth that it approaches not anything after you pass to America is sincerely unlucky.

Get a Zolve credit card on your US transactions
There are methods to get a US credit score card from India without any problem. Companies like Zolve have heard your wishes and are available that will help you out. So, you can practice for a Zolve credit score card from India and use it for your transactions inside the US.

Here are the five foremost advantages associated with using this kind of US financial institution credit card from Zolve:

1 Zero annual costs – The agency will no longer fee you any annual maintenance charge, which is a characteristic still seen in many standard credit score cards.

2 No social security wide variety wanted – They will not ask you to show your US credit records due to the fact that defeats the purpose of searching for one of these cards. You might not even have a social security wide variety because you’ve got moved quickly for paintings or research. They will simplest want a few fundamental records for identification and verification, including your passport and visa details.

3 Zero forex charges – Another issue with using an Indian credit score card within the US is that you is probably charged a hefty forex price. But no longer in this case! You will now not be charged something greater to use your card within the US. Additionally, you could use the identical card at domestic for increased comfort.

four Rewards and cashback – Simply because you are seeking a US credit card for easier transactions does now not suggest you need to be without rewards. You can count on to get the type of cashback and rewards which you expect from an ordinary credit card – if not higher! In reality, when you have this US credit score card, you can get discounts and cashback from the manufacturers primarily based in America. This is not something your Indian credit card can do for you.

5 A credit score card to apply right away – With those cards, the complete procedure of pre-approval is completed in India. So, you have a credit card in hand proper once you land in the US. You will no longer need to worry about delays in processing the card or live without any credit card for even an afternoon.

Wait for no extra and begin the pre-approval method for the cardboard right away. Your date for taking that flight to the US is coming near, proper?

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