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How to get AdSense approval easily and quickly?

How To Get Adsense Approval On Blogger
We create a website with difficulty and keep writing good posts. First of all the only purpose is to earn through Google Adsense Approval and show ads on our site.

So many people are afraid of this Adsence Approval or think it is a hassle. Today I will tell you some points from my own experience, which points if applied on your website will get 100% Adsense Approval.

But the post may be a bit long but I promise you will definitely benefit from reading the post at the end.
Here’s what to do to get AdSense approved easily:-

  1. Meta Keyword, Meta Description (Meta Keyword, Meta Description)

Meta Keyword (Meta Keyword):- Meta keyword is related to your site i.e. you have to set some keywords related to the topic you write on your website. As a result, if someone searches on Google on that topic, it increases the chances of your site going to the first page of Google.

To set this meta keyword you will enter the control panel of your website, then you will see an option Theme.

Then you will see all the code of your site shown here. Then write the following text inside the head section () and write the related keywords that are related to your site between two inverted commas.

Remember 20 to 30 keywords are enough. As you think your site is an online income-related post. Then write the keyword here


Meta Description: (Meta Description) – Meta description is a short description in English of the topic that your site is related to, that is, the topic that you post on your site.

First in the system shown above write the Meta Description
Theme → Edit HTML → within →

If you think your site is online income related then you can write here

I just wrote for your understanding. You can write better than this.

  1. Make Pages

Five pages must be created for your website.
The pages are:-
About Me
contact me
If your site does not have these five pages then your site will never get AdSense approved 100% guarantee.

So to create these pages you will see below in the control panel of your site that there is an option for Pages. Create these five pages by clicking on the option of these pages.

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  1. No menu can be left blank

We create many menus for our site. But many people do not add any links in this menu. As a result, if a visitor clicks on this menu, no page is opened.

Which makes it difficult for us to get AdSense approved. So you will link to all the menus that you create on your site. Delete the menu that is not needed.

  1. Post No

A question that may come to the mind of many that if a few posts on a website will get Adsense Approval. So I have already said that I am writing this article from my own experience.

So I applied to AdSense when my ajs420 site had 12 posts and got Adsense approved within 7-8 days.

  1. Posting regularly after applying to Adsense

Many people think that after applying to AdSense, they will not post anymore, if Adsence Approval is not given, then the effort will be in vain.

And this thought is the biggest mistake. So post regularly from the day after applying to AdSense until no reply comes from AdSense.

  1. Post Ward

A post from the question in the mind of many should be written in the world. If you write 200-300 world posts on your website then you may not get AdSense approved. So always at least 700 and more worlds you can write the better.

  1. Copy paste (70 – 80 %) must be unique Never copy and paste on your site until Adsence Approval, that is, do not copy from any other site and put it on your site. Many people copy from other sites and paste into Notepad or MS Word.

Copy and paste from there again on the blog, then never do it. And if it is very necessary then make sure that 70 to 80 percent of your post is your own writing ie 70 to 80 percent should be unique.

  1. Social media must be added

Add as many social media accounts as you have to your website.
For example:-
YouTube etc
Then your site will be trusted by Google.

  1. The Gmail of the current site cannot be associated with any other AdSense account

Many may have applied AdSense before. As a result, you already have or had an AdSense account. Later the account has been disabled.

Already have an AdSense account || 100% working solution

If this is the case, then take care that the Gmail of the disabled Adsense account and the current new Gmail from which you will apply to Adsense, should not have any relationship between these two Gmails. For example, the phone number is the same, the recovery mail is the same, etc.

  1. Cannot use third-party add

Many people create their own websites and use various third-party aids. So if there is any such third-party ad on your site then remove it and apply for AdSense.

  1. Each post must contain at least one image

Many of us write content or posts on our website but do not use any images. So the related post we will write a related picture that must be used in our post.

  1. The website should be indexed in Google Search Console i.e. Google

Don’t just write a post. Our site must be added to Google Search Console. So to add to Google Search Console, you will find an option Search Preferences when you go to Settings after coming to the control panel of your website.

So in the Search Preferences option

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