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How To Make Possum Leave In A Natural Way

How to Make Possum Leaves in a Natural Way!

Most of the time when you wake up early in the morning and what do you notice? Messes such as your kitchen, lawn, or your garages like chewing gum and hairy thieves. So, you must be aware that it is a possum in your house that is creating chaos everywhere.

The main culprits are usually two types of possums, the brushtail possum. Brushtail possums are large like cats with large bushy tails and another type of possum is the ringtail. The ringtail possum is small in size and has a curly tail. Both of these species of possum are beautiful, however, not easily fooled by their large brooding eyes. Thus, you may face various challenges or problems if you are not aware or if you ignore them. Choose a possum removal in Adelaide for the same day.

What is the reason that you should get rid of possums as soon as possible?

Infections – Possums have a variety of infections such as leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonella, and Buruli ulcer. These diseases are spread through urine, droppings, and flies.

Fleas – Fleas pose a potential risk if you have pets and children in your home.

Property Damage- Possums don’t just make a mess in your place, but they also damage your property. They chew cardboard, cushioning, and high-voltage lines and masticate your garden’s fruits and plants.

Create stress for you, your family, and your household pets possums are nocturnal lovers. They explore your place at night and destroy household items. This is why stress builds up in your family. Even these possums make continuous sounds at night. This noise irritates pets and drives them crazy.

Anyone suffering from a possum infestation wants to get rid of possums then see how to get rid of possums naturally.

There are several reasons why possums are so attractive to human residents, despite having hollow trees within easy reach for nesting. Therefore, no one knows exactly what things attract your property. So, the best thing to do is to have a rough idea and follow a few simple steps to get rid of possums from your place permanently but naturally. You can also read some insights on 3 easy DIY possum repellants for your home and garden.

Here are a few steps you can take to learn how to make possum leaves the natural way.

  1. Purge unnecessary food items
    Eucalyptus leaves are a possum’s natural food, but not always, and these leaves are not very rich in protein. To survive, you need other food sources such as fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, meat, eggs, insects, and some food items from the garbage bag. Living in cities they feed on unspecified food and thrive. Thus, cover your compost pile, keep the lid off your garbage can, and be sure to clean the area after eating. By doing this you can eliminate the pest infestation.
  1. Make possum repellants at home

Possums have special preferences regarding food and taste. Possums hate the smell of garlic, onions, and fish, and they dislike the taste of hot peppers, hot sauce, onions, garlic, black tea, fish oil, etc. So, you can use these ingredients to repel possums to get rid of these possums.

  1. Block entry points
    If you notice possums in your home, you must inspect the area from where they are entering. So, if you have small holes in your house, you must close them. However, make sure that the possums leave the hole before closing the hole.
  2. Possum-proof your garden by erecting a fence
    Removing possums from your garden is not easy but you can avoid them by installing a fence in your garden.


Above mentioned are some steps that you can follow on how to get rid of possums naturally. Follow the steps correctly so that you can get rid of possums.

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