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How to Start a Free Blog on Blogger!

Blogs are the most effective way to earn money in this Internet world. If you are also looking to establish your blog or set up a free website from which you can make money, we’re going to provide all the details you need to know about how to start your blog or website for free.

Before you start a blog, for information, we’ll tell the readers of numerous bloggers who have started blogging on a part time basis, and now they make so much money through blogging that they do not have to perform any work. Because there’s no limit on how much money you can earn through a blog, you could make thousands of rupees as well.

Learn about blogging,
Friends, you’ve probably been aware of many bloggers who have made a name for themselves in blogging. Today, we will tell the story of one such person.

Friends We recognize him today as the father of a professional blogger from India. Maybe you’ve seen his name, but I’ll tell you his name, Amit Agarwal.

Did have you heard that? He quit his job to blog. Today, he’s a highly well known name within the blogging world. Your mind might be shocked when you hear about their earnings. If he’d only done his task, he wouldn’t make such a massive name in the present.

Definition of Blog
The blog can be described as a platform that allows anyone to share their knowledge, experiences, ideas, thoughts, or opinions to the world via the Internet.

A myriad of questions springs to our minds after hearing concerning the site. We’ll be able to find the answers to these questions.

Who is a blogger?
A blogger runs an individual blog, regularly publishes blogs, and runs his blog.

To be a successful blogger, you must have a piece of proper knowledge in your field. If you’re writing an article about health, it’s essential to know about fitness. Only then are you able to be an influential blogger?

What is Blogger.com?
It is an online platform that allows us to build a blog. We can develop a blog or website. It is a service offered by Google that will enable you to communicate your expertise through a blog and earn money. Blogger was invented by Pyra Lab, which Google acquired in 2003.

Millions of bloggers create blogs each day using this platform since it is free, and you don’t have to pay for hosting, and it also offers domain, but it’s sub domain. If you’re new to blogging, the question will be popping up in your mind, what exactly is a sub domain. We will create a separate blog post; however, we’ll tell you information about the sub-domain in this one. In the beginning, we’ll learn about the domain. Then, we will discuss the sub-domain.

Difference between Blog Post and Pages?
My dear readers. WordPress is a highly robust Content Management System ‘CMS’ and a popular blogging platform. WordPress lets us create two kinds of content, namely Pages and Posts. It is a common question to newcomers, what is the distinction between these two.

Therefore, you should post sequentially. That is, your new post will appear at the top of the first, and it appears on the homepage that you have created on your site. Over time, the old post will be removed when you add new posts; the old post will go down until the recent posts are displayed over it. If users wish to read the post from years ago, they’ll need to scroll down and visit different pages.

Post examples: You’re currently reading a blog post posted on our blog’s homepage.

Page examples: These pages deal with blog Contact, privacy policy, and contact.

Difference between Blogs and Websites
The blog regularly posts new information, thanks to the fact that new pages are made within it.

For instance, Recipes Blog in which regular recipes are shared or a blog for a company where the latest news from standard company news is shared.

It is static. Once it’s ready, no new pages can be made on it.

The other distinction between a website and blogs is that you can comment on blogs; however, there’s no option to comment on the site.

How to create a free blog on Blogger.com?
To start a blog for free, you must visit www.blogger.com and since Blogger is a service of Google, Follow the steps below to set up your blog for free on blogger.com. Let’s find out how to make your blog for free.

You can make blog websites on both desktop and mobile devices by following the steps in the following.

Step 1: Visit Blogger
The first step is to navigate to www.blogger.com

Step 2: Create Your Blog
Click on Create Your Blog

Step 3: Sign Up
When you click on the sign up button, the option to sign-up is presented to you. You must sign up using any or all of your Gmail accounts.

Step 4: Blog Title
In this section, you must give an address for your blog. For instance, when I would like to identify my blog as Carefulu and I’ve chosen the name of a Carefulu. Similarly, you need to select a suitable name for your blog.

Then click Next

Step 5: Blog Address
You must create the URL ‘URL’ to your website, which hasn’t been previously used by anyone else, and if you haven’t used the URL in the past, then the blog’s address in my writing and

If someone has visited your URL, you’ll find it written as Sorry, the blog address you have provided isn’t available, you must create a different address for the blog.

The URL I used in my instance hasn’t been used by anyone else. This blog’s address is accessible in the format it appears in the image.

If you notice this blog address and you are ready to click Next

Step 6: Display Name
Here you can type your name or blog for those who wish to retain the Display Name. I’ve given my blog the title here.

You must now click on the Finish button.

Your blog is now set up; your blog’s Dashboard will open in front of you; there will be the option to create a New Post. By clicking on it, you will write your blog post and post it to your blog.

You’ll see the option to View Blog below. When you click on it, you will view your blog and modify your blog.

Essential settings after creating a blog on Blogspot?
When you have created a blog, it’s crucial to switch on the necessary settings for your blog. If not, your blog won’t appear in Google search results. Follow the steps below to activate the required setting on your blog.

Log in first to the Blogger’s Dashboard.
After that, select the setting.
Scroll through the entire page. You will now be able to select an indexer as well as a crawler.
In this case, you must enable the customization of robots.txt.
You must now the custom header tags.
Click on the tag home page. After that, a popup box will appear in which you can select all and noodp and then click save below.
Click on Archive or search pages tag. Save it by turning off coindex and noodp.
Then, click on the post tag and the page tag. Then select all and noodp and save it.
Now, the procedure of creating your blog is complete. Now, you must customize your blog to appear attractive and professional. It is possible to download customized templates for no cost through Gooyaabitemplates and Themeforest.net. The templates are SEO compatible and flexible. Because of this, your blog will also rank on Google.

Can we Earn money through a blog?
Yes! You can earn money through blogging, and many peoples are making money through Blogs.

However, planning and hard work are required to make money from a company; similarly, the same planning and effort are needed to make good cash through the blog.

There are many methods to earn money from your blog, among which the most frequently used strategies are:

Advertisement ‘Google AdSense’
Affiliate marketing
offer one’s items or provide services
through a donation
Promoting your own company
Additionally, these days people also earn online with CPA marketing. To do this, bloggers must sign up on the website associated with the CPA affiliate. From there, the advertisement must be displayed on their website. By doing this, lead leads or products are sold, they earn. You get paid for doing it. One of these sites can be a CPA network that offers affiliate marketing for products related to health and beauty ‘Nutra vertical’.

What is the meaning of DA or PA in a blog?
For any website or blog, DA, i.e. Domain Authority and PA, i.e. Page Authority of your blog, both of these terms are developed by a website called MOZ as part of its marketing, from which it awards your blog a score of 100. It doesn’t make any difference whether this DA and PA are greater or lesser on Google’s ranking.

What causes Blog bounce rates to increase?
Many causes increase the bounce rate on a blog, including the slow load speed of the blog, or the post is not accurate by the user’s preferences, and more popup ads are being displayed because the user has clicked on your blog post. Separating the article from the topic of the reader. Etc

My Final Words,
Today, we found out what an online blog is and how to create an online blog; what exactly is a blogging site? Make money on the side through the creation of your blog. I’m sure following this post, and you have the answers to all of the fundamental questions about your blog.

Blogs are an excellent opportunity for earning money. In this case, you must make a blog and post posts on the blog from time to time. This is how you earn high CPC. If you enjoyed this piece of mine, I would appreciate it if you could comment on it. If you think something you feel is missing from it, or something is not right, you can inform me by leaving your comment. I’ll try to fix the flaw.

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