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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or tragically killed while working offshore, call us now at (866) 385-8354 for a free, confidential consultation with an experienced offshore accident lawyer to discuss your legal rights before they are jeopardized by your employer.

The ocean is the riskiest place for jobs on earth. US maritime industries are determined in almost every kingdom, using extra than four hundred,000 people across the kingdom. Maritime people discover employment in diffusion of fields along with, shipyards, marine terminals, fishing, aquaculture, seafood processing, commercial diving, and marine transportation. According to the Centers for Disease Control, maritime workers face a higher hazard of fatality, harm, and contamination than the average American employee.

From slips and falls to system failures, collisions, fires, and risky painting practices and negligence, offshore injuries usually require highly-priced medical care now and again lengthy-time periods. Catastrophic injuries can imply an injured worker who is predicated on his or her physical ability may not be able to return to paintings. This may be devastating for households, specifically if the worker is the sole breadwinner and can now not earn a living.


Offshore accidents are protected by legal guidelines which are distinct from people who observe to land-based totally workers. If you or a person you love has been injured or fallen sick whilst running offshore, we inspire you to get in touch with an skilled offshore injury legal professional at Montagna Maritime Law as quickly as possible to request your free case evaluation.

When an offshore worker takes on employment inside the maritime industry, it’s understood the job is bodily annoying and comes with inherent risks which are a long way greater risky as compared to land-primarily based paintings. Injuries are commonplace and variety from the very minor to the horrific, or even dying. In many cases, minor injuries can grow to be lots greater considerable over time.

Some of the maximum not unusual kinds of offshore injuries encompass:
Traumatic mind injury TBIs can be sustained in any range of methods. Offshore workers are constantly placing themselves in production and commercial-like environments. A blow to the top from a slip or fall, or being struck through a swinging or unsecured cargo, can cause demanding brain harm. This can result in permanent cognitive or persona changes.
Spinal and lower back injuries – Operating gadget, carrying heavy loads, and hard hard work can be lower back-breaking work, requiring many hours of standing, lifting, twisting, and pulling. Offshore people can preserve injuries from falls or being struck via cars or volatile loads. A lower back or neck harm can result in persistent ache, confined mobility, and inside the most intense instances can bring about paraplegia or quadriplegia. Even while scientific interest is run directly, there may be long time disabilities associated with spinal and back injuries.
Slips and falls – Injuries skilled in slips and falls are a number of the most common — and can be extreme. Accidents resulting from slips and falls can bring about concussions and contusions to broken bones. In some cases, slipping at the deck of a deliver or platform can ship you overboard, which without delay escalates into a completely unsafe state of affairs.
Loss of hearing – If hearing protection is not furnished or mandated, it’s viable that through the years, workers will be exposed to enough substantial noise to decrease their listening to. In some instances, in which work environments are loud sufficient, tinnitus or general hearing loss can increase.
Loss of limbs – Inadvertently strolling into the course of a truck or forklift, running with cables under tensions, or getting a leg caught and beaten under unsteady cargo like coils, pipes, plates, and tires can cause injuries requiring amputation. The lack of a limb is a existence-changing harm and regularly calls for a prosthetic.
Crushing injuries and broken bones – Offshore work typically involves a widespread reliance on heavy machinery, either for production or for everyday paintings. Injuries can often arise while this machinery breaks down or while safety tactics are not followed. These injuries often bring about broken or beaten bones. Crushing accidents can also bring about harm to inner organs and create lifestyles-threatening situations.
Hypothermia and frostbite – Offshore and maritime personnel regularly work in intense environments and always of the day and night time. This method that offshore workers are frequently uncovered to extraordinarily bloodless situations, that can motive hypothermia or frostbite. These dangers are exacerbated through exposure to the water, both via harsh conditions or a fall overboard.
Drowning – A fall overboard can quickly boost right into a life-threatening damage, specially if healing is not instant. Additionally, hypothermia can grow to be an trouble even in fantastically warm waters.
Lung harm – When protection strategies aren’t observed or now not enforced, or while injuries reason spills, workers can suffer severe chemical injuries. When those chemicals are inhaled, severe and long time lung damage can occur. In positive cases, exposure to high portions of those chemical compounds can grow to be right now lifestyles-threatening. In different instances, smaller exposures can result in smaller injuries that may become chronic or cumulative.
Fatalities – Each year, offshore workers tragically die in injuries along the East Coast of the United States. If you have got lost a loved person who died as a result of an coincidence or negligence, you have got a right to are looking for damages for their dying.
A serious damage offshore can be existence-altering, in particular if it’s labeled as catastrophic. Depending on the severity of your injuries and the occasions that contributed to them, you may be entitled to compensation for:

Lost profits – A declare for misplaced wages can be very crucial for injured offshore workers and their families. If you’re no longer capable of work because of your injury, you could searching for damages for the earnings you have lost, are dropping, and could lose due to your injury.
Medical expenses – If you’ve suffered a serious damage offshore, there’s every chance your scientific bills are piling up. You can be able to claim gift charges in addition to anticipated future clinical charges. Claims may consist of fees for surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy, intellectual health care, and transportation expenses for receiving remedy.
Pain and struggling – This may be damaged down into physical and mental ache and struggling: The ache of your actual bodily accidents, as well as the ache and stricken by scarring, disfigurement, and ongoing headaches; and the mental pain and struggling, along with mental pain, stress, anxiety, and loss of entertainment of life.
Additionally, in case you qualify as a Jones Act seaman you are entitled to Maintenance and Cure, which is a simple right of all seamen. If you’ve suffered a work-associated injury, your business enterprise ought to pay your widespread residing costs (renovation) and medical prices (therapy) even as you are out of labor recuperating.

Offshore employees who do now not meet the definition of seaman may additionally qualify for benefits below a distinct federal regulation, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA).

In the most extreme cases, offshore accidents can result in dying. Workers’ households can be entitled to compensation through a wrongful loss of life declare in opposition to the accountable birthday party.

If you’ve been injured in an offshore accident, it’s crucial that you have an skilled maritime or offshore injury attorney by means of your aspect who can combat aggressively on your felony rights. Maritime lawyers are skilled litigators who understand federal and state maritime laws and global agreements, and feature sound judgment when it comes to supporting you win your case and getting you the maximum reimbursement you deserve in your injuries.

Maritime regulation is a fairly professional and specialized area of regulation and there aren’t many attorneys who exercise inside the discipline as efficaciously because the legal professionals at Montagna Maritime Law. Contact us today in your loose case evaluation to talk about your felony options with an skilled maritime lawyer, at no up front price.



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