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Play Burrito Bison Unblocked WTF, 911 Online game

Play Burrito Bison Unblocked WTF, 911 Online game

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre is a popular arcade web browser game and the latest installment in the franchise. In this epic game, Burrito calls on his new friends: El Pollo and Pineapple Spank, to fight and stop the glue from dominating the world. Smack, fly, and fly through the sky by exploding gummies and earning money for yourself.

Burrito Bison unblocked game is free to play on the web with your PC at school or even at work. Currently, this game is not available on the mobile web No download or plugin installation is required before you can play this game.

What is Burrito Bison Unlocked?

Burrito Bison Unblocked is a launcher game where you have to launch Burrito Bison as far as possible for yourself. Burrito Bison is a character who is kidnapped by the oligarchs of Candyland. Burrito has to fight their battles by launching himself to defeat opponents and gain freedom.

You have to fight in a ring by bouncing different gummies and collecting power-ups, rockets and bombs to increase your speed. In the game, you collect various coins that you can use to collect power-ups and upgrade other things like gummies.


The gameplay of burrito bison launcha libre unblocked is simple and easy but some experience is required to win the game. The game is about launching yourself. Here you have to face the opponents and defeat them to progress further in the game.

You have to launch yourself toward your opponent and punch them to kill them. Your opponent has a weakness; You have to find them, and then you will easily reach the finish line.

Furthermore, there are gummies on which you have to launch yourself. When you launch yourself into those gummies, you’ll see more speed boosts and earn power-ups and other points and coins in the game. If you don’t drive yourself into the gummies and hit the ground, your speed will decrease and you will have less height when jumping. By this, you will miss a lot of coins and power-ups.

Opponents and their weaknesses

As we mentioned earlier, every opponent has a weakness; If you hit on them, you will be much ahead in the game. Some of these are very easy to hit, but some are really painful, but with some experience, you will master them too.

Bister Rabbit

This is the guy who, if you don’t strike at the right time and place, will create difficulties for you.

You have to hit this rabbit when he shows up. Yes, this is the right time; She is busy showing off her body and hurting her face.

At that point, he will be on higher ground, so you need to aim as high as possible to hit him. This is the only time you can hurt him; If he’s on the ground, you can’t get your critical hit.


Bernards is a giant monster made of nerd candy. He often does nothing but laugh at you and spin himself.

Best if you launch yourself and hit him in the face while he’s smiling directly at you to hit him and fly high.

Harry Bow Tie

He is the first opponent you will face in the game and his hit points are very interesting.

You have to hit him when he starts honking his horn. Pull yourself back and launch yourself onto his face when he’s about to scream into his horn.

Villena ice

As mentioned above, some opponents are easy to hit, and some are painful. Villena Ice is a pain when hit. He’s hard to hit because he moves a lot, so it’s hard to aim and hit him at the right time.

This you will only learn by playing the game over and over again. Just pull yourself up, aim, load, and wait for the right angle and time to hit the Vilna ice. It’s hard but worth it, and you’ll get a boost of speed and elevation from hitting this hit that’s worth your patience.

Gummies in the game

In the game, gummies play a major role in your success. There are two types of gummies in the game: Basic and Special Gummies.

Both types of glue have unique uses and purposes; Let’s look at them.

Basic gummy
You will get three gummies in this type of gummy.

Common glue

When you crunch this type of glue, you will see your speed decrease and bounce higher. Also, when each is destroyed, they will charge rocket slams.

the police

If you hit a cop you will lose your speed, it will even stop the bison. Furthermore, if you apply Rocket Slam and hit the cop, it will have the same effect. So always try not to hit any police gum.

Play Burrito Bison

Gummies carry items

While playing the game, everyone should be on the lookout for these gummies. The reason is that these will speed you up or give you a bunch of cash.

bubble gummy

These gummies are in the form of blowers. These gummies will let you fly upwards.

Rocket Gummies

These gummies are loaded with rockets and allow you to fly high and fast.

Pogo Gummies

These gummies have a pogo stick and jump three times. When this stick hits the ground three times, clicking will give you a speed booster.

Always aim for critical hits

Every opponent in the game you face has a weak point; When you hit them at that point, you get a critical hit. Critical hits deal more damage to them than normal hits.

All of your opponents have weak points, and as we mentioned above, exploit them and execute like no one else has.

Just upgrade

In the game, there are many things that you need to upgrade. So deciding which one to upgrade is a time-consuming and difficult task.

In this game, you don’t have to think about it because any upgrade will benefit you. Whenever you do an upgrade, you get a purple star. And when you get twenty purple stars, you get a free pinata.

So, every upgrade is helpful in some way. So when you can’t decide what to upgrade, upgrade something; Don’t get stuck there.

Where to play Burrito Bison Unblocked Wtf,911

Unblocked Burrito Bison is an HTML 5 video game that you can play on any device. But playing this game on a PC or tablet will give you the best experience. You need a healthy internet connection and any browser.

Then go to the link below to play the game online.


How to unlock the secret launcher?

Unlocking the secret launcher in the game Launcha Libre Edition gives you extreme benefits; That’s why you should go for it. To unlock it, you need to complete a single Rift run.

Should I time travel to Burrito Bison?

You should time travel in the Burrito Bison game but in certain levels. The first time you reach your rift limit is to time travel. Time travel requires a second go when there are no missions or levels left that you can get rewards from.

What is the purpose of the candy in Burrito Bison?

Burrito Bison’s candy pieces have a significant purpose in the game. They are used to purchase upgrades. Also, they are used to gain strength and speed.

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