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Robi Internet Offer and Package List 2023

Robi Internet Offer and Package List 2023 

Robi Internet Offer 2023 is specially designed for Robi customers. If you are looking for Robi internet packages and Robi MB offers then you are at the right place. You can get all Robi internet pack activation codes from here. Robi data packs are always attractive to their users. Popular internet provider Robi is popular for its excellent data packs. Recently Robi released their updated list of Robi internet offers. We have listed all the updated Robi internet packages on this website. So you can easily buy your desired Robi Internet offer from here.

Robi Internet Offer 2023 includes all updated Robi Internet packages. Now you can quickly choose the right internet offer Robi is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Bangladesh. Popularity is the main reason for their extended network. They provide 3G/4G network services to their customers in Bangladesh. Currently, the Robi network covers all regions of Bangladesh.

Are you looking for the latest Robi Internet Offers 2023? If so, you are in the right place. Robi, the country’s second-largest telecommunication, is now at your side.

Robi Internet has already become quite popular. Robi is the best for offering more internet at a lower price. Their monthly internet packages are quite good.

You must have the My Robi app installed to get the best Robi Internet offers.

Moreover, if you use the My Robi app for the first time, you will get 100 MB of data for free.

Here is all information about Robi Internet’s latest offers. From now you can check Robi’s internet data, check new offers, buy internet packs, and much more.

All Robi Internet Package List

Robi volume internet packs

SL. NoAmountDataValidity
1649 Taka25 GB28 Days
2449 Taka15 GB30 Days
3399 Taka10 GB28 Days
4129 Taka10 GB (5 GB Facebook +5 GB Instagram) Pack7 Days
5239 Taka8 GB (2 GB ANY + 6 GB Facebook & Instagram) Pack28 Days
6349 Taka8 GB28 Days
7123 Taka7 GB7 Days
8114 Taka5 GB7 Days
976 Taka4.5 GB (3GB + 1.5 GB 4G)3 Days
1069 Taka3.5 GB3 Days
11108 Taka2 GB7 Days
1241 Taka2 GB (1GB + 1 GB Zoom, MS Team, Google Classroom) Pack3 Days
13249 Taka2 GB28 Days
1457 Taka2 GB3 Days
15209 Taka1.5 GB (1 GB + 0.5 GB 4G)30 Days
1654 Taka1.5 GB3 Days
1748 Taka1 GB4 Days
1838 Taka1 GB (512 MB + 512 MB 4G)3 Days
19101 Taka1 GB 4G Only7 Days
2033 Taka500 MB30 Days

Check Robi MB by dialing *3# on your mobile phone.

Robi Social Internet Pack
Robi Social Pack 2021 was launched by Robi in 2016 and is a voice and data plan that allows customers to use social media apps at a discounted price. This pack allows customers to enjoy the internet on their mobile phones without any stress. For those who don’t have money or who are still students, it is possible for them to access social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

The main objective of this pack is to increase customer satisfaction regarding the accessibility of these applications which they normally pay extra for outside the phone package. Also, Robi Social Pack 2021 can be used by both individuals and businesses as its cost is very affordable compared to other companies in Bangladesh.

SL. NoAmountDataValidity
1129 Taka10 GB (5 GB Facebook + 5 GB Instagram) Pack7 Days
2239 Taka8 GB (2 GB any + 6 GB Facebook & Instagram) Pack28 Days
341 Taka2 GB (1GB + 1 GB Zoom, MS Team, Google Classroom) Pack3 Days
455 Taka1 GB IMO Pack28 Days
550 Taka1 GB (Facebook & Whatsapp) Pack30 Days
625 Taka400 MB (Facebook & Whatsapp) Pack28 Days
725 Taka400 MB IMO Pack28 Days

Check Robi Net by dialing *3# on your mobile phone.

Robi Combo Pack
In Bangladesh, due to low levels of income and a high rate of unemployment, people have a very limited amount of money to spend on mobile phone services. It is not easy for them to get good service at a reasonable price from an operator. In that case, Robi Combo Pack 2121 will be able to provide relief. Robi Combo Pack is a new offer that provides different packages at different rates and time limits.

The main objective behind this offer is: to provide affordable internet services to all Robi users even those who cannot afford it and also to introduce the knowledge of internet usage to Bangladeshi youth by providing unlimited social media access through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This post mainly focuses on how the latest offers.

SL. NoAmountDataValidity
1799 Taka18 GB +700 Minutes28 Days
2699 Taka12 GB + 600 Minutes28 Days
3369 Taka9 GB +275 Minutes (Prepaid)28 Days
498 Taka2 GB + 50 Minutes +100 SMS7 Days
558 Taka600 MB 20 Minutes + 25 SMS7 Days
634 Taka200 MB + 20 Minutes3 Days

Robi MB check by dial *3# on your mobile phone.

Robi Scratch Card internet packs

SL. NoAmountDataValidity
129 Taka200 MB + 15 Minutes7 Days

Robi Internet Offer 2023 List

Data VolumePrice In BDTValidity
20 GB +500Min+200 SMSTK 99930 Days
20 GB +500Min+200 SMSTK 99930 Days
25 GBTK 64928 Days
45 GBTK 99830 Days

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