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Sadio mane facts and lifestyle

Hailing from a small town and a modest own family, Mane has proven to the world that willpower can make you accomplish anything. Nicknamed Ballonbuwa, he’s the most pricey Senagalese participant ever and might be the maximum successful too. The Champion League winner is in notable shape and continues making blistering runs.

Let’s see some facts about Mane’s Lifestyle, Origin, Family, Girlfriend, Networth, Salary, Idols, Nickname, Cars, Clubs, Brand Endorsements, Shoes, and much more.

1. Mane lost his Father early and Fled his House

The Liverpool striker is at the zenith of his career but the route to this success has not been easy.

Where does Sadio come from?

Sadio Mane hails from a small village called Bambali in Senegal. His father died, when he was just seven years old, and was brought up mainly by his uncles.

Religion of Sadio Mane

His family was a religious one, which consisted of Muslim Imams- the prayer saints.

Did Mane’s family support his football career?

Their priority was education and hence was not in approval of Sadio pursuing a career out of football, but due to poverty Mane could never attend school. At the age of 16, he ran away to Dakar for a team’s trial but was discovered by his family and brought back. Eventually, the family realized how badly he wants to play football and started supporting him.

2. Mane was once dropped for being late

The African players are infamous for their late arrival to meetings and stadiums. The Senegalese superstar is habitual of doing the same and was dropped from the Southampton team for arriving late to a pre-match meeting in 2016.

Southampton manager Ronald Koeman once said in an interview with BBC sports that You have to respect your teammates, the fans, and the club because they pay good money for the players. The manager found the behavior unacceptable and had to change the line-up two hours before the game which results in a 1-0 defeat by Norwich. He also said “It was Mane’s second instance, he arrived late at the stadium the year before.

3. Mane Brand Endorsements and Shoes

The player has a massive fan following due to his impressive performances on the field. He has drawn the attention of many brands including Nike and Puma but he is hard to sign.

What brands does Mane endorse?

Mane is the brand ambassador of financial services company Western Union and Indonesia Tourism. Interestingly he has trademarked his name just like Cristiano Ronaldo and will make use of his stardom to develop the brand.

He signed a big deal with New Balance, He wears New Balance apparel and uses the New Balance signature edition Furon V6 boots.

4. Mane’s Heroes and Boyhood Role Models

Growing up, Mane watched Senegal play the 2002 World Cup quarter-finals and Africa Cup of Nations final. The country at that time had legends like Aliou Cisse, El Hadji Diouf, and Khalilou Fadiga. That team according to Mane was The Most Epic Senegalese team.

Whom did Mane Idolize?

Sane’s Childhood best friend Luc said in an interview that Sane had two heroes. First was El Hadji Diouf who was in the famous Senegal team which stimulated him to play football. He also spoke about how Sane liked the Brazilian Ronaldinho.

Saido Mane and El Hadji Diouf

As a matter of fact, Mane even said to his friend at that time that One day, I’ll be at their level. Mane surely went on to play at the level and emulate or even outdid idol Diouf who played in the premier league as a forward.

5. Mane NetWorth, Market Value, and Salary

What is Mane’s NetWorth?
The former Salzburg player is worth around $ 20 million in 2020.

What is Mane’s market value?
According to transfermarkt he is valued at approximately $120million and is one of the most valued in the world. He earns a weekly salary of £100,000.\

6. Mane holds the record for the fastest hat-trick in the premier league history!

That’s right! It was back in 2015 when the winger played for Southampton. He scored three back-to-back goals against Aston Villa in just 176 seconds and shocked the world.

While doing this, he broke the record of the former Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler (273 seconds), creating history.

7. Made In Senegal – A movie based on Sadio Mane’s life story

Very few players in the history of football have a film based on their life and career, the ex-Southampton superstar is one of them.

The movie “Made in Senegal” beautifully captures Sadio’s rise to success.

I wanted to show people that you can achieve anything in the world if you are ready to build on your dreams and put in hard work. We will support people in difficult environments with 100% of the Pay-per-View revenues. That’s something I am proud of. I am Made in Senegal he said about the movie.

8. Sadio Mane Charity and Donations

Coming from a poor community, he knows what real struggle is and thus spends a bulk of his income for helping the needy. He is a philanthropist and regularly donates to charity.

Why would I want ten Ferraris, 20 diamond watches, and two jet planes? What would that do for the world? I starved, I worked in the fields, I played barefoot, and I didn’t go to school. Now I can help people. I prefer to build schools and give poor people food or clothing, the former Metz forward spoke in a conversation with TeleDakar.

I have built schools and a stadium; we provide clothes, shoes, and food for people in extreme poverty. In addition, I give €70 per month to all people from a very poor Senegalese region in order to contribute to their family economy, he added.

9. Fans once attacked the star’s family after missing a crucial penalty

Fans can hate you as much as they can love you. This is a very good example of football fever all over the world.

This incident happened right after Mane missed a crucial penalty in a quarter-final for Senegal against Cameroon which resulted in the disqualification of the team from the Africa Cup of Nations.

Clearly, Senegal football fans didn’t take this well. It happened at Mane’s family home in Malika, where his relatives were attacked and threatened by a group of goons. They even vandalized Sadio’s £ 26000 SUV.

Later on, the footballer’s family was provided with 24-hour security and protection by soldiers and local police.

10. Sadio Mane’s Birthday Serendipity!

This is no coincidence when two football legends from the same club share their birthday.

When was Sadio Mane born?

He was born on April 10, 1992, exactly 50 years after another Red all-time favorite Ian Callaghan was born.

Ian C

No one has ever played more matches than Callaghan in Liverpool’s history with 857 appearances in total! Mane is on his way to following Callaghan’s path to greatness and let’s see if he can break this record in the future.

11. Sadio Mane’s Girlfriend, Lifestyle, and Favourite food

Sadio follows a strict diet that consists of only healthy food. He also has a good lifestyle as he sleeps early and trains hard.

He is not so good at cooking and only knows how to prepare porridge. He has different healthy dishes every day. I’ll have nuts with yogurt and fruit, sometimes it is eggs with bread, or sometimes it is porridge,

Does Sadio have any girlfriends?

Sadio likes to keep his personal life confidential and thus there is no information about his girlfriend or love life.

12. Mane’s house has been burgled twice!

Surprisingly, both the times when his house in Allerton was burgled, he was playing a Champions League match!

The first burglary happened in November 2017, when a gang broke into his house while the attacker was playing against Maribor. Luckily, it was a failed attempt as a neighbor raised an alarm and the burglars fled away.

But the second time, Mane didn’t prove to be lucky. Thieves broke into the footballer’s house in February 2019 and stole a number of items including expensive watches, mobile phones, and car keys. At that moment, the Liverpool star was playing a match against Bayern Munich at Anfield.

13. Sadio Mane’s First Club was in France

Which was Mane’s first Cub?

Mane made his professional debut with the French club FC Metz in 2011.

He is part of the elite list which has players who were launched in Ligue 1. The list includes former Reds defender Rigobert Song and Premier League stars like Papiss Cisse, Louis Saha, Robert Pires, and Emmanuel Adebayor.

Mane recalls a hilarious incident of how he became a laughing stock amongst his new Metz teammates when he came out of the changing room in a T-shirt and realized that it was freezing cold and went back in. Sadio believes that FC Metz has made him what he is today and has had a major in his development as a player.

14. He Concealed an Injury due to Fear of getting Dropped

After so much hard work and grinding up through the local teams, one cannot imagine being sent back.

Mane had the same fear as he sustained an adductor injury while playing for Metz. He kept it hidden because he was so bothered that he would be omitted from the team and will have to return home.

It could’ve been the end of my career, he stated in an interview. His injury got inflated and had to go under the knife, the surgeon said that he had rarely seen such a bad sports hernia. The operation was successful and after being out of the sport for 8 long months, he has been an unstoppable force since then.

15. Sadio Mane Cars and House

He is one of the highest-earning players in the world and has a crazy car collection.

What cars does Mane have?

He owns a Bentley Continental GT, Audi RS7, Mercedes G63 AMG, and a Range Rover.

Where does Mane live?

Sadio lives in Allerton, South Liverpool inside a luxurious $2 million house. The champions league winner still lives in the house bought in 2016 which has a history of two robberies.

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