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SEO Trends And Tendencies in 2022

SEO Trends And Tendencies in 2022!

The possibilities of online resources are developing at a significant speed. What seemed unreal a couple of years ago may have lost its relevance by now. Keeping pace with rapidly changing trends requires being at the center of the action. Knowing what potentially has a chance of successful development in the field of Internet marketing this year will give you the opportunity to start it with new plans and productive ideas. On page SEO trends and tendencies in 2022 are what will be popular and will be used by platforms and specialists in this field.

Trends 2022
SEO promotion plans are turning into real actions. It is not difficult to predict what is in store for SEO in the near future

Responsiveness of resources
For many years, the trend towards using smartphones as the main gadget for Internet access has been steadily growing. This means that the mobile version of the site for business is no longer just an additional goodies, but already a real necessity. At the same time, the adaptability of the site today directly affects the ranking in the search results. If a resource does not have it, you cannot count on TOP positions. Search engines take into account not only the availability of the mobile version as a whole but also checks each of its elements.

Graphic, animation and other content should be designed taking into account the requirements and be convenient for the user himself, regardless of the screen size of the device he uses.

Content marketing
We can confidently talk about the changes that the content has received recently. If earlier the content of sites was limited solely to the search for key queries for search bots and the saturation of text with them without special attention to the meaning conveyed to them, now the situation has changed dramatically.

Search engines have changed their strategy, developed new rating systems, where the value of the content for the user is displayed in the first place. Now, collecting the keys and scattering them around the article with questionable information is not enough.

The benefits and efficiency of filling resources are carefully worked out by bots with self-learning capabilities using complex assessment algorithms. Recently, sites with useful, understandable, user-friendly content began to occupy the TOP positions. And their owners are faced with the task of finding copywriters who know how not only to arrange keys but also to create truly worthwhile material.

The behavioral factor is one of the important indicators of the success of a resource. The user becomes increasingly picky about its structure. The less time it takes to figure out the navigation, the more likely it is that the visitor will stay on the page and not close in search of an easier option for them.

Not only the location of the menus and buttons is responsible for usability, but also the clear presentation of information. The time spent by the user on the resource directly affects the parameters of the issue. The longer he stays, the higher the search algorithms evaluate the site’s relevance to the interests of visitors and allow it to move up the search results.

The symbiosis of commercial and information sites
Resources are becoming more and more popular where the user can simultaneously get interesting information and make purchases. If earlier sites were guided solely in one direction, now, those platforms are popular where you can make purchases and get acquainted with related topics at the same time. This is especially true for online stores. To be a popular site, it is necessary to offer not only products but also to fill the resource with quality content that will be appreciated by the target audience.

Media content
User preferences are increasingly shifting towards video formats and images. Online users prefer getting information by watching videos rather than reading long texts. Website promotion, especially where the niche allows, by creating just such a content format, will be more than logical next year.

It is noteworthy that it is not at all necessary to have special equipment to create it. Videos filmed with modern mobile gadgets, designed in an attractive format for the user, can become more popular than an expensive studio product.

Targeting a narrow target audience
The pursuit of wide coverage is no longer relevant, which necessitates a revision of the strategy and its adjustment for a narrower audience. A correctly selected segment of users, content orientation according to its preferences, gives a better result than from shooting a cannon at sparrows. Working for your own community, creating high-quality content in accordance with their tastes and interests is the basis of marketing activities in the near future.

Automation of communication processes between the client and the company
Online platforms have more and more opportunities to organize communication. Chatbots are added to chats and callbacks – specially developed algorithms that allow you to answer common customer questions without involving a human resource. This has several advantages:

optimization of staff work;

shortening of client response time;

the ability to give feedback 24/7.

In addition to the programs installed on the site, communication in messengers is actively used by creating special groups. They are both an additional communication channel and a tool for carrying out marketing activities.

Brand promotion
More and more attention is paid to the issues of branding, which affects the recognition of the company, the formation of its reputation. If earlier the priority was exclusively sales volumes, then modern trends speak of the individualization of companies. The development of unique formats, personal chips that distinguish the product from competitors is a task that is gaining momentum and will be relevant at least this year.

Voice search
Continuing the theme that users prefer to simplify their work on the Internet as much as possible, one cannot fail to mention the growth of requests through voice rather than text dialing. Ok Google and Hello Siri is increasingly being used to find information. In this regard, today they are actively talking about the implementation and development of SEO tools that will optimize queries for voice search.

Becomes a clear assistant in the promotion of resources. Especially relevant for offline establishments cafes, restaurants, service industries. By indicating the location on the map, Google search will give it to the user as the closest, even if it is not the most popular. It effectively works with voice search, which, as already discussed above, is actively developing.

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