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The Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs live online: stats, scores, and highlights | NFL Week 2

Mike Williams went off within the first half, stepping up for the injured Keenan Allen. This 39 backyard reception set up the Charger’s first touchdown.

Herbert became 33/forty-eight for 334 yards and 3 TDs but made one vital error that changed the momentum of the sport in a 14-point swing.

Mahomes was 24/35 for 235 yards and touchdowns, however, it changed into the seventh spherical choice in this 12 months’ draft, Jaylen Watson, who made the sport-changing play to present the Chiefs the lead they might no longer surrender.

Kansas City, who has ruled the AFC West for so many years, will end Week 2 because of the only undefeated group within the division.

It wasn’t pretty at times for the Chiefs, but they get the task carried out in a pivotal AFC West early season conflict. The Watson pick-six makes the distinction!

Hopkins with the onside kick and it turned into unfastened for a second after the primary attempt a seize became bobbled however Gray jumped on it and the Chiefs could be able to kneel out the clock.

Herbert overshoots Palmer on 2nd down

Herbert hits Ekeler at the sideline for a gain of a backyard.

2d and Goal from the 6

Well simply when you assume he is down and out Herbert bounces lower back and fires a missile to Carter for a 35-yard benefit on 4th and 1.

1st and Goal developing after the Two Minute Warning.

Herbert needed to throw it away on third and 1, however, he had the lane for the first down but he was in a lot of pain he elected to throw it away.

Herbert seems proper and he unearths Kelly, he neither got the first nor was given out of bounds.

Third and 2 develop within the final play before the Two Minute Warning.

Herbert lowers back to Ekeler for six yards. Second and four coming up from the KC 46.

Ekeler is on the screen bypass and he’s taking it for 21 yards. LA is shifting quickly.

LA starts the force from the 32 needing points in a hurry.

Mahomes over the center to Smith-Schuster for four yards and with the intention to bring up 4th down.

KC will kick the FG looking to make it an ownership game.

Mahomes going to the air on 2nd down and he overshoots Valdes-Scantling, Boos ring around Arrowhead because the crowd wanted a PI flag.

Third and nine arising.

McKinnon gets the handoff and choices up a yard. KC looking to run a few clocks.

LA takes a timeout with 3:36 to move in the game. KC with 2d and nine out of the spoil.

KC takes over from the 15 after the punt. And Edwards-Helaire breaks a run up the right side for a gain of 52 yards and 15 yards can be tacked directly to the run after a face masks penalty called against the Chargers will take KC all the way down to the 18 backyard line.

Herbert turned into nearly intercepted by way of Bolton after Herbert threw into triple insurance.

Chargers will punt knowing they need a quick stop with much less than four mins remaining within the final region.

Herbert got overwhelmed once more at the bypass that went high to Everett. He’s back on his toes but searching at 3rd and six from the LA 38

Daniel is in at QB for a play and he fingers it off to Michel for an advantage of 3.

2nd and 7 developing as Herbert come back into the sport. Good to look him returned after taking that shot

Herbert searches left locating Everett for an advantage of 12 and that actions the chains, however trouble for the Chargers as Herbert is down at the ground and gradually rises up.

He took a shot to the ribs as he launched the skip and is feeling the outcomes. He will come out of the game for as a minimum a play as LA cross their fingers that their megastar QB can make a go back.

1st and 10 from the LA 34 with five:09.

Herbert looks left to Everett to make 3rd down more manageable.

3rd and a couple of from the LA 23

LA takes over from their 14-yard line and Herbert appears for Ekeler inside the flat, but the RB could not make the capture.

2d and 10 from the LA 14.

LA gets the stop they wanted after Mahomes overthrows Valdes-Scantling.

4th down and the Chiefs will punt.

Mahomes almost throws some other choice looking for Gray over the center and Van Noy becomes right there however could not make the catch.

Third and sixth developing.

McKinnon up the intestine for a 4-yard gain.

Second and six from the KC 34.

Screen skip to Edwards-Helaire and that is going for 13 yards and the Chief’s actions the chains and maintain the clock transferring.

Edwards-Helaire starts the pressure with a 3 backyard run up the center.

2nd and seven from the KC 18.

KC receives the ball returned at the 15 after a non-public foul in opposition to the Cheifs backs them up deep in their personal territory. They have a 7-factor lead and are seeking to run a few times without working the clock and stretch the lead to possessions.

Ekeler ate up within the backfield and the Chargers are simply four/12 on third down this night.

LA will punt the ball with time strolling out in the fourth sector.

Herbert unearths Ekeler for 3 yards on 1st down, and then Ekeler picks up 6 yards on a 2nd down run.

Third and 2 coming up.

The Charger’s appearance to reply after the choose six and their power will start from the 25.

Herbert on the rollout hit Everett and that’s top for 26 yards.

1st and Goal from the KC three.

Herbert to Everett for a seven-yard benefit. LA beginning to dink and dunk down the sector, and it’s operating. They are inside the 30 on 2nd and 3.

Carter is on a wide receiver screen and he runs for the primary down after an eight-yard pickup.

1st and 10 from the KC 36.

Herbert going to the left sideline to Palmer for 3 yards.

Second and 7 from the KC 44

Keller receives the fast handoff and alternatives up four yards to preserve the power alive.

1st and 10 from the KC 47.

Ekeler stopped brief of the primary down marker after a 7 backyard benefit on 2d and 8.

3rd and quick and LA going excessive tempo once more.

The Chargers begin their pressure from the 40 after a touchback is moved up because of a non-public foul towards the Chiefs.

Silly penalty there to provide the Chargers super subject role.

Look at the one-footed throw from Mahomes to hit Watson on the 41-yard reception to deliver the Chiefs to inside three.

Mahomes hits Kelce at the shovel bypass however the tight cease is filled at the line of scrimmage which brings up 4th and Goal from the 1.

The Chiefs will suppose it over at some point of the spoil as we are headed to the fourth zone in KC.

Mahomes become nearly picked off via Samuel once more. He jumped the path and almost picked it off within the endzone.

That’s the second time he has had a clean shot at an interception and could not come up with it.

3rd and Goal arising for KC.

Mahomes transfers around inside the pocket and unearths Kelce extensive open downfield. He become picked up and thrown to the floor like a wrestling move, and the ball popped out however the floor brought on the fumble.

1st and Goal from the three after the 18 backyards Kelce gained.

Mahomes at the rollout to the left and unearths Watson for a benefit of seven on 1st and 15 after the fake start subsidized the Chiefs up on 1st down.

Second and 7 coming up.

Mahomes hits Hardman in the comeback direction for eleven yards to transport the chains on 3rd and lengthy.

1st and 10 from the LA 25.

Pass to Edwards-Helaire is complete however he barely gets lower back to the line of scrimmage.

Third and 10 arise as KC looks to avoid going three and out for the second one instantly time.

Edwards-Helaire stopped for no advantage on a first down run.

2nd and 10 for KC

KC has an exceptional field function beginning this force from the LA 36 after a quick punt.

Herbert is sacked inside the backfield on 3rd and 10, and it became almost a safety as James got to the LA QB.

4th and lengthy and the Chargers will have to punt after the Chiefs force some other LA 3 and out.

Herbert and the Chargers begin the ownership from internal their 10 backyard line.

On first down, Herbert become moved quickly out of the rollout and threw it into the dirt.

Mahomes went short to Valdes -Scantling and that became a dangerous skip that changed into nearly intercepted after Mahomes got some pressure in his face.

4th and 1 and the Chiefs punt the ball away. Missed an opportunity for KC upon getting a 3 and out.

Edwards-Helaire on a run up the center for 2 yards.

3rd and 1 for the Chiefs.

Mahomes starts the force with an out path to Valdes-Scantling. For seven yards.

2nd and 3 from the KC 36.

Herbert searching out Everett on 3rd and a couple of however the pass is broken up and that’s the first 3 and out of the Chargers night.

KC gets the ball again at their 29 backyard line with a hazard to take the lead for the first time tonight.

6:24 left inside the 0.33 sector.

Herbert on a brief pass to Michel out of the backfield for a six-yard benefit.

3rd and a pair of developing

The Chargers begin the drive from the 25 and visit Michel on the floor who selections up a gain of 2.

Second and 8 from the LA 27.

Edwards-Helaire out of the backfield up the middle on the quick capture and he vehicles a defender on his manner to a 21 backyard gain.

1st and 10 from the forty-one.

Smith-Schuster selections up 2 yards on a quick reception.

2d and 8 from the KC 38.

Mahomes to Gray on the slant to the right side for an advantage of 11 on 2d down.

1st and 10 from the KC 36.

Mahomes almost intercepted again! Samuel stepped right in front of the receiver, had it in their palms, bobbled it, and dove to attempt to make the seize however in the replay you could see the ground help him control the capture.

It was, in the beginning, called an interception, but after evaluation, the call changed into reverse.

Mahomes being affected person within the pocked and let’s fly downfield searching out Hardman. It was intercepted, however, there were two flags on the play, one against both teams so the play may be scratched and KC may have 1st and 10 from the 25 again.

The Chiefs get the ball lower back for the primary time inside the second half of down with the aid of 10 and trying to get the offense going.

Williams was rewarded for all of his tough paintings. He was given eight catches for 113 yards and a landing.

Ekeler forces his way via the pile and gets over the first down marker on the two-yard select-up.

1st and 10 from the KC 25.

Ekeler is filled at the line of scrimmage and it is choice time for LA who’re searching at some other 4th and quick.

Kelley jogs properly and he gets 8 yards and then Ekeler is stopped on second and a couple of for no benefit.

3rd and three for the Chargers.

Herbert going lower back to his favored first-half goal Williams and the Chargers flow the chains with the 12-yard pick out up.

1st and 10 from the KC 27.

Herbert rolls proper and appears all of the manners throughout the sphere to Ekeler who make a pass around a defender and gains 18 yards at the capture and run.

1st and 10 from the KC 41.

Ekeler up the gut for 18 yards.

1st and 10 from the LA 41 because the Chargers move up the pace.

Ekeler selections up 2 yards on first down after which Herbert hits Everett for 7 yards.

Third and 1 coming up.


The Chargers get the ball first and could take it from the 25.

How regularly can we see Patrick Mahomes make magic out of seemingly nothing? He determined McKinnon on the nine backyard TD after extending the play out of the pocket.

Herbert to Horvath for a 2nd instantly recreation.

Mahomes is 12/14 for ninety-eight yards and a TD and has hit nine different receivers.

Herbert is 12/17 for 125 yards and a TD. Williams had 6 catches for 84 yards in the first quarter.

Let’s see if both quarterbacks flip it on in the 2d 1/2.

We are headed to the halftime damage in miles decrease scoring game than anticipated.

Neither offense has virtually been given going tonight.

The Chargers have one hundred sixty-five yards of offense whilst the Chiefs put up the handiest 119 yards after posting 488 yards closing week in opposition to the Cardinals.

Mahomes going deep however overthrows Kelce and with a purpose to be a short three and out from KC.

LA takes over from the nine backyard line with 6 seconds to head and that must take us to halftime.

Mahomes hits Valdes-Scantling for 6 yards.

3rd and six upcoming.

4-yard choose-up for Smith-Schuster. 2nd and 12

Mahomes searching down area on first down. He overshot Edwards-Helaire and a keeping call at the KC O lineman.

1st and sixteen now for the Chiefs.

KC will begin their drive from the 14-yard line with fifty-three seconds left and two timeouts of their pocket.

Herbert had time however the coverage turned into outstanding down discipline and the LA QB determined to try to run for it but Jones was given the 1-yard sack.

KC takes a timeout with 1:11 to head because the Chargers will punt.

Kelly rumbled up a subject for six yards at the run up the middle, and with a view to delivering up third and 1 from the KC forty-seven, however, no longer earlier than we take a destroy for the Two Minute Warning.

Herbert becomes underneath pressure as the KC defense show blitz. Palmer changed into open on the left side once more and alternatives up the first down on every other 10-yard benefit.

1st and 10 from the LA 44.

Ekeler is stopped at the line of scrimmage on the first down.

Second and 10 with 4 minutes to head inside the half.

Herbert at the rollout and unearths Palmer’s extensive open on the right sideline for a gain of 10.

1st and 10 from the LA 33

Carter returns the punt for 12 yards and the Chargers will begin their pressure from their 23 up through 3 with five:15 to move inside the first half.

Pacheco receives eaten up at the road of scrimmage and what a play from Traquill to pressure 4th and quick.

KC will punt the ball.

Edwards-Helaire is stopped simply quick of the primary down marker on the run to the left aspect.

Third and Short for KC from the 30.

Hardman on the quick skip, the usage of his actions to stretch the short bypass right into an advantage of 8 yards.

2nd and 8 for the Chiefs.

Mahomes to Kelce over the center and Kelce made a candy pivot circulate to rise up the sphere and pick up the primary down on the eight backyard reception.

Edwards-Helaire begins the drive with a 4-yard run.

2d and six from the KC 12.

KC will take over from their very own 8 backyard line with just below 9 mins to move in the half.

Herbert’s bypass to Palmer changed into in the back of the receiver and the Chargers will punt on 4th and 2 from around midfield.

Ekeler runs left and cuts up discipline for a gain of 5 yards and he’s been given the ball on 3 straight snaps.

3rd and 1 from the KC forty-eight

Ekeler selections up every other 4 yards on first down.

2nd and 6 from the LA forty-nine.

Ekeler patiently decides on his hollow and he selections up the primary down at the 4 backyard run.

1st and 10 forms the LA forty-five.

What a snag from Williams for an advantage of eight on the come returned route.

Third and a couple of developing.
Herbert is incomplete on the first down looking for Palmer.

Second and 10 from the LA 33.

Carter takes it out to the 33 on a 30-yard go-back. The ball squeaked out, however, the ground brought on the fumble so the Chargers will maintain the preserve of the ball.

Mahomes is a grasp at his craft. No one in the league can do what No. 15 can do.

The full again Horvath is a TD machine! The rookie has begun his NFL profession with TDs in his first games.

The defense jumped on 3rd down and KC had a loose play in which Mahomes hit Kelce for 19 yards.

1st and Goal from the 9.

Gray stopped for little to no gain on 2d down and that brings up third and 4 from the LA 28.

McKinnon at the run to the proper side choices up 5.

Twenty-second and 5 from the LA 31.

Mahomes went deep to Valdes-Scantling but he turned into held up and the flag flies for unlawful contact on the defense.

1st and 10 for the Chiefs from the LA 36 after the penalty.

Mahomes nearly gave it returned to the Chargers after trying to find Valdes-Scantling at the out course however left it behind him and that turned into one of these typical passes that get picked off and taken for 6.

2nd and 10. From the LA 45.

Mahomes beginning to appear to be Mahomes for the first time tonight. He hits Hardman on the publish path for an advantage of 30 and that gets this crowd lower back into this game after the Chargers brought a hush to Arrowhead.

1st and 10 from the LA 45.

Herbert instructed Williams to move up and get it and that is what he did! A big benefit of 39 that set up the opening TD of the sport.

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