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The Step By Step Guide for Scrap Metal Recycling Process!

After the New Year, many people are eager to clear out their old electronics in a spring cleaning. But what do you actually do to your old appliances that have seen better days? Recycle them! Scrap metal recycling is an easy, profitable, and environmentally friendly way to dispose of old devices and electronic items. If you are really serious about disposing of your electronics, read the guide below.

What Should You Do
If you have lots of scrap metal waste at your home or business, it is recommended not to throw or dispose of it in the open land fields. Make sure you hand over waste material to a trusted recycling industry. Before sending them to the recycling industry, you must separate the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. You can use a magnet to separate them and roll them over your scrap. The ferrous waste will stick to the magnet as it contains iron, which can be further separated from the rest of the non-ferrous materials like aluminum, copper, steel, and others. After that, these are sent to the metal recycling centers.

Understanding Metal Recycling Process
Recycling the metal requires 7 steps. These include:

  1. Collection
    The first step of metal scrap collection starts with the responsible individual who collects them and sends them for recycling. The responsible person first separates the unwanted metal scrap and non-metal material. You can do it yourself or take professional help in sorting and separating metal and non-metal scraps. You can also take help from the recycling industry to transport huge scrap.
  2. Sorting
    After collecting scrap from your home and business, the recycling industry begins the process of scrap sorting. The recycling industry sizes the scrap as per their requirement. It is also called a selective separation process. The most valuable items are sorted first, then moved to the shredder. They shred the items and group them so the machine can easily handle them.
  3. Processing
    The processing of metal scraps starts with shredding and grouping so machinery can easily handle them. The shredded material is further processed into various stacks. Sometimes the collected scrap is not processed into usable size because it contains a lot of little dirty particles and other materials that have not been sorted. Then these materials are unloaded from the conveyor bin and sent for cleaning.
  4. Melting
    As scrap metal is sorted, metal is also melted in a furnace. The melting of scrap metals converts them into metal pieces. The melting process changes the scrap into a new object and reduces the weight of metallic scraps by about 50-60%. The melting process takes much time and, therefore, in some cases better to be operated at the lowest temperatures.
  5. Purification
    Purification of scrap metals is the process that removes impurities from the molten metal. Impurities make the molten metal useless for manufacturing new products. They make certain magnetic and electrical properties that can be fatal for people who handle them without proper care.
  6. Solidification
    The solidification of scrap metals is the process that hardens the melted metal into a solid block. The liquid metal is poured into a set of molds which turns them into shapes and sizes.
  7. Transportation
    The final step in the metal recycling process is to transport it to the appropriate shipping site, and all scrap metal is packed in a secured container. The container is also given a tracking number and address where it has to be shipped. The recycling industries and customers get a warranty that all shipped items will be delivered safely on their agreed delivery date.

Recycling is an excellent idea for creating a better environment; you can also useless recycle copper wire to develop new products and products that can last longer. So recycling your old electronics for it is the best way to clean up your old and unwanted scrap without any harmful consequences.

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