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Todays Wordle answer

Today’s Wordle 489 answer and hint: Friday, October 21

Today’s Wordle answer may smash some streaks! It’s one of those problematic ones in which you can easily get a 3/6 or an X/6. According to WordleBot, players solved Wordle #489 in a mean of four.4 steps in both clean and difficult modes.

Need a bit of assistance? At Tom’s Guide, we have honed our method after playing every Wordle thus far and dropping only as soon as, so with a bit of luck our advice may be helpful.

Aside from a listing of the fine Wordle begin words, we’ve got plenty of Wordle hints and hints to percentage. We have also analyzed every Wordle answer to look for styles and have a few additional recommendations for you there. And if you’re new to the sport you need to additionally check our What is Wordle? Guide.

Each day, we are able to update this article with pointers that will help you find a state-of-the-art Wordle solution. And if the guidelines are not enough, we’ll even come up with a solution, if you’re sincerely stuck or just have not had time to complete the latest puzzle. Plus, we also include an evaluation of the day gone by’s puzzle, #488, if you’re analyzing this in a distinctive time area.

Our first tip is that you should use one of the best Wordle begin phrases for each sport you play. But if you want some greater particular clues to trendy Wordle solutions, then right here you move:

It incorporates five vowels.
It has no repeated letters.
Two of the letters are most of the 10 least used.
By vowel, we suggest A, E, I, O, U. There are other letters that might be on occasion taken into consideration to be vowels, relying on how they are used.

Those guidelines have to get you at least a number of the way toward locating today’s Wordle solution. If no longer, then you could read on for a bigger clue; or, if you simply need to recognize the solution, then pass it down further for that.

Alright then, here’s the very last hint: Today’s Wordle may see you lost inside the woods.

OK, it is time to scroll down for the solution…

So, what is the cutting-edge Wordle’s answer for sports #489?

Drumroll please it’s GROVE.

As Wordle says, Phew! I squeaked out of this recreation with a 6/6 and am just happy to hold my streak. This became the type of puzzle that has a tendency to provide me trouble.

As ordinary, I started with my favorite out of the fine Wordle begin phrases, that’s RAISE. I find it irresistible as it has 3 vowels and very common consonants.

According to the New York Times WordleBot(opens in a new tab, I had forty-six feasible solutions closing. Not horrific, however now not extremely good.

I fared better than individuals who started out with STARE (52), TRAIN (93), SLATE (123) or LEAST (355). But I might’ve finished better had I long gone with CRANE (29) or CLOSE (31).

After one wager, I had simply one luckily green ‘E’ at the cease and a yellow ‘R.’ I needed to strive a word with either an ‘O’ or ‘U’ and a few more common consonants like ‘T,’ ‘L,’ ‘N’ and ‘C.’ I ended up going with CRONE.

It grew to become out to be an unfortunate desire, leaving me with 12 viable solutions.

No count number, I had to move ahead. At least I had cemented the inexperienced ‘O’ in the center. Since I’d knocked out ‘C’ and ‘N,’ I decided to go together with a word with ‘T’ and entered TROPE.

Wrong again! I turned into starting to worry.

Wordlebot says that after TROPE, I had five closing solutions. But I had the handiest three more guesses.

For my fourth guess, I came up with two thoughts: FROZE and BROKE. Either seemed love it is probably the answer. I essentially tossed a coin in my head and went with the previous one. Incorrect. Then, I tried the one I hadn’t chosen, and it changed into incorrect, too!

I’ve by no means been castigated by way of Wordlebot before, it grimly tells me that BROKE become a volatile guess and I wished luck to resolve the puzzle.

Luck becomes on my facet, though. As I scanned the few ultimate letters, I hit upon GROVE. I didn’t even come up with DROVE or ERODE, the other two viable solutions.

GROVE happily got here up all green. A harrowing escape from a busted streak!

Did the latest Wordle feel you? Let me understand the way you fared these days in an e-mail that opens in a new tab. I may not be capable of getting returned to all and sundry, but I’ll strive!

Reading this in a later time area? The Wordle solution for game #488 became DENIM.

Happy to get returned to a 3/6 rating nowadays, which puts me a hair above the common amongst tough mode gamers.

As a regular, I started out with my favorite out of the great Wordle start phrases, which is RAISE. I like it because it has three vowels and two very common consonants.

The New York Times’ WordleBot opens in a new tab taking into consideration it middling in good fortune, giving it a fifty-three score as it left me with 83 feasible solutions.

At least RAISE left me in a better function than LEAST (98), CRANE (133), SLANT (164), STARE (250) or ROAST (391). You had been clearly lucky in case you began with TRAIN (12), DEALT (20) or TIRED (21).

Since I already have vowels, my consciousness became on finding consonants. I desired to strive a word with a few mixtures of ‘T,’ ‘L,’ ‘N’ and ‘C.’ That’s why I went with LINED.

It wasn’t accurate, although Wordlebot gave me points for an amazing desire. In fact, it said I had simply one closing solution left. Of course, I could not recognize that at that point.

Other players in my position tried FIELD, EIGHT and FIEND, though they may have needed closer to two additional steps to solve the puzzle.

In my case, I knew the ‘E’ almost certainly went into the second position, with the ‘I’ taking the fourth slot. With the ‘N’ where it was, and the ‘D’ likely in first position, it took my very little time to come up with DENIM. I was thrilled to see all letters turn green.

If you’re looking for a list of older Wordle answers, we can also help. Here’s a list going back 20 games.

Wordle #488: DENIM
Wordle #487: QUIRK
Wordle #486: EXIST
Wordle #485: STEIN
Wordle #484: SPADE
Wordle #482: CATCH
Wordle #482: FLOOR
Wordle #481: EQUAL
Wordle #480: IONIC
Wordle #479: VALID
Wordle #478: ENJOY
Wordle #477: HOWDY
Wordle #476: VIGOR
Wordle #475: DANDY
Wordle #474: SLOTH
Wordle #473: MARSH
Wordle #472: BOUGH
Wordle #471: STING
Wordle #470: TWINE
Wordle #469: LEAVE

The high-quality tip I can supply is to apply one of the excellent Wordle start phrases. I cannot stress this enough it makes a huge difference.

Without one, you may be scrabbling around in the dark attempting and possibly failing to locate the right 5 letters or likely fewer out of the 26 possibles. But smart humans now not me have carried out the maths and recognized the exceptional begin phrases based totally on each frequency in English and frequency amongst Wordle solutions. So use them!

Secondly, reflect on the consideration on mixtures, in particular on the start and give up. Some alternatives are ways extra common than others for example, SH, ST, CR and CH all function often.

Vowels obviously need attention too: not all Wordle answers will include multiple, lots do, and a few even have three. A proper Wordle start word should have used a pair, but in the event that they do not feature you may well want to try some other one or two to your subsequent move.

Plus, recollecting the Y every now and then acts as a surrogate vowel, and is easy to forget. It additionally seems at the stop of plenty of words.

Finally, attempt out possibilities. So long as you don’t press ‘Enter’ you may try viable answers to look how they appear on display. Put in probable letters plus any you know are virtually within the word, then mentally alternate one to the alternative available alternatives. This approach has worked for me multiple times, and it’s especially beneficial when the word in question isn’t always an apparent one like FJORD or ISLET.

Wordle was officially released in October 2021, however genuinely began in June of that yr and celebrated its first birthday on June 19, 2022. You can study my mind at the five matters Wordle desires to improve if it is to maintain us playing for its 2nd 12 months.

However, it handiest grew in popularity in the direction of the give up of the 12 months, then went viral in January as the arena wakened to its charms. In fact, it proved so a hit that The New York Times sold Wordle for a seven-discern sum in early February and the game is now part of NYT Games.

It’s played via the NYT Games internet site right here opens in new tab, and is completely free. Both the NYT and the sport’s author, Josh Wardle, have said that it will stay loose. Some humans think that Wordle has got tougher because the NYT takeover, it simply hasn’t.

Wordle is a easy game in which your challenge is to wager a five-letter phrase in six attempts. Each time you guess, you’re informed which of your selected letters are inside the goal word and whether they’re within the proper vicinity.

If a letter is in the ideal area, it turns green. If it is within the phrase however within the incorrect vicinity, it turns yellow. And if it’s no longer within the phrase at all, it turns gray.

There’s just one puzzle an afternoon, and anybody completes the equal one. It resets at midnight each day. You’ll find greater data approximately the sport in our What is Wordle? Article.

If you are keen for every other game to skip the time while you wait, we have prepared a listing of the fine Wordle options. We even have a web page on cutting-edge Quordle answers, because it’s our favorite, and also cutting-edge Heardle solutions due to the fact it really is awesome too.

Other Wordle alternatives to try are the extremely-traumatic however excellent Squabble and the soccer-themed, Who Are Ya?. We also like the geography-based Wordle clone World, the Star Wars-themed SWordle and the math-based Mahler.

There are clearly plenty of options once you’ve completed Wordle for the day!

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