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Values document – a political faux pas?

KUWAIT: A controversial film went viral on social media on Sunday, sparking enormous controversy and department among supporters and fighters of the file. After numerous candidates running inside the Sept 29 parliamentary elections signed a report titled The record of values, wherein they pledged to support Islamic laws, the hashtags Kandahar report and values report, trended on Twitter, with heaps of citizens commenting on this topic.

The report calls to apply Islamic laws, inclusive of imposing a modest dress code, banning tattoos, and gender segregation at faculties, swimming pools, and gymnasiums, similarly to punishing anyone insulting the partners of the Prophet (PBUH) and putting in place a hotline to whinge about any action in opposition to Islamic law.

Supporters see the values report as representing the conservative Kuwaiti society. Name Herb tweeted: I study the file and did now not see anything incorrect. They need to make us revel in the best and forbid sins, and this represents the middle of our real Islamic faith. Kuwaiti society is conservative; they have the proper to adjust lifestyles and behavior according to that. We no longer want Kandahar but also now not El-Haram Street!

Ali Al-Safar tweeted: Anyone who opposes this kind of reform is a shortsighted conspirator as he/she turns into a partner to the bioterrorism which threatens our country-wide protection through misbehaviors consisting of tattoos, suspicious spas and so on that unfold infectious deadly sicknesses. As for Lulwa, the values file will cause better generations for Kuwait, saying: I am open-minded, but if something is within the interest of our children, why no longer? I don’t imply we ought to approve intolerance and punishment, just behaviors humans have to abide with the aid of, like tattoos. People with such behaviors have to not be allowed to be out in public.

Others couldn’t digest the concept of creating individuals of parliament as guardians of the human beings of Kuwait. Amina Al-Wahib tweeted: The those who created this are clearly uneducated religious extremists that need to turn Kuwait into Kandahar. Tussah Al-Hasan commented: Frankly, I simply found out that combating corruption starts offevolved with combating tattoos, at the same time as co-education at the college is the cause for the deterioration inside the level of training. I never knew that yoga is the reason for the decline in medical offerings. She introduced paradoxically: So canceling live shows will remedy the housing problem? Seriously, well executed! It is apparent they’re concerned with the hobbies and needs of human beings,

Hazem Al-Sairafi, who has a tattoo, asked a supporter what his fate will be. What is the fate of a person with tattoos? Be flogged with 100 lashes or retribution? I need to recognize my destiny. Sara mentioned contradictions. I want they could add in their report to ban journeys to any united states of America that do not observe sharia because it isn’t always reasonable to impose such guidelines and at the quit of the summer you spend your time in Europe, in which alcohol is served and naked humans are present. She introduced: They want to prohibit entering any cafe that performs songs, in order that they have to ban cinemas as nicely and ban smoking too, due to the fact it’s far forbidden by way of Sharia.

People have been now not the simplest ones to help or reject the idea of the values report. Secretary-General of the Democratic Forum Abdul Hadi Al-Sanafi affirmed his rejection of this document, a number of whose clauses move against public and private freedoms confirmed by means of the Kuwaiti charter, stressing the want to confront it in the event of any attempt to approve it in the National Assembly. He stated he has amazing confidence in the Kuwaiti voter and their recognition to choose higher and vote for the ones who have very good electoral software and ideas within the interest of the united states and its citizens.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s Women’s Cultural and Social Society launched a declaration rejecting the document, pronouncing that Kuwait is a civil and constitutional country in which non-public rights and freedoms are included by using the constitution.

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