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Marketing Tips to Grow Instagram Followers

Best Marketing Tips to Grow Instagram Followers

Establishing a new brand today can pose some serious challenges. Social media sites like Instagram still offer plenty of opportunities, but no matter what they do, sell, or promote, business owners and aspiring influencers have to compete with many others in the same niche. That’s why it’s so important to treat Instagram engagement like a marketing campaign. Read on to get some helpful tips from experienced social media marketers on how to grow Instagram followers and get ahead of the competition.

  1. Get Off to a Running Start
    There are a few ways to start building followers for a new Instagram profile, but they vary in effectiveness depending on the content creator’s current social media presence and brand reputation. People who already maintain personal Instagram profiles or business accounts on other social media sites can start cross-promoting content and marketing through other accounts to pad their initial follower count. Even those who are completely new to the world of social media marketing can still buy instant Instagram followers to give their marketing efforts a running start.

  1. Stay Consistent
    Consistency is one of the keys to success on Instagram. Brands should strive to stay within their niche so that they are attracting followers that will stick with them for the long haul. They should also stick to a consistent posting schedule and create an aesthetic that is representative of the brand and will stand the test of time.

  1. Understand Influencer Trends
    Influencer marketing is still considered one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences on Instagram and other social media platforms. However, many trends in this field have changed in 2023. Micro-influencers, for example, are much more popular now than they were a few years ago. This is good news for emerging brands with tight budgets as micro-influencers are generally willing to form low-cost partnerships with brands.

  1. Hashtagging is designed to make it easier for users to find the content they may find interesting, but every audience is different. Choosing hashtags that appeal to the brand’s target audience is key to reaching new users that will stick around long enough to increase engagement rates. Finding the right hashtag to use requires some research.
    Find brand-relevant, frequently searched and timely tags Creating a list of potential hashtags that are applicable to the account and popular enough to attract attention is a great place to start. Check competitors’ accounts, try location-specific tags, and search directly for target keywords.

  1. Poach Followers
    If there’s one way to find the perfect audience for a new business Instagram account, it’s to find competitors and engage with their followers. After all, people following competitors’ accounts have already shown interest in the company’s products or services. Try following users, liking photos, and commenting on photos to increase engagement with potential brand converts
  1. Curate your profile grid
    Most of your Instagram followers won’t follow you for what you’ve posted in the past but on the promise of what you’ll post in the future. Your audience wants to know what they’re going to get when they hit that follow button.

Having a feed with a consistent posting schedule and theme can have just as much impact on growing a following as the other growth strategies we’ve covered above. Even a simple pattern can entice new followers, as long as it’s noticed at first glance by anyone who visits your profile.

Increasing the number of followers takes a lot of work. The best place to start is by getting the basics down, then leveraging techniques like influencer marketing and engaging with competitors’ follower bases. Combining these with other strategies will give brands a good start to growing their following and increase engagement over time.

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