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Did You Know These 7 Advanced Capcut Tips and Tricks? – 7 Advanced Editing Tips in CapCut Video Editor

This article covers the best Capcut tips and hints which you should know in case you are a video buff. For the uninitiated, Cap cut is an all-inclusive video enhancing utility that permits users to edit videos, stop-to-end at the same time as preserving professional nice. If you are looking to construct a call on TikTok or Instagram through video content that impresses you, Capcut PC online is the video enhancing which you shouldn’t provide a pass.

Now that you have a brief idea about what a Capcut editor is, it is time to check out 7 top advanced Capcut tips and tricks. Stay with us!

Best Capcut Tips and Tricks 2021 Revealed
How to Make Stack Videos on Capcut or Create Video Over Video?
Cap cut is a favorite to millions out there because it brings features of unparalleled value. One of such features is letting users edit videos on videos or pictures in pictures. For instance, if you are having a gaming channel, you can edit your gameplay video while having a little screen in the corner that shows you gaming.

Now, the question is: what control lets you do so? Well, it is the ‘overlay’ button in the menu below. You have a whole bunch of settings that can help you edit the video you have added over the top. Isn’t it cool?

How to Apply Green Screen Effects or Add Subscribe Button in Cap cut?
If you are making videos for YouTube, there actually is a broad variety of green screen effects that you can use. Simply use the in-built screen recorder to capture what you need, say the subscribe button and import the recorded clip into the timeline. Move the bar to trim the video and place it where you exactly want it to be.

Next, go to Crop and choose the preferred dimension. Move to the Chroma key to finally remove the green screen and highlight the subscribe button on your video. Now, choose the intensity tab. The further you move the slider, the more the green screen effect vanishes. Simple!

How to Use Keyframes in Cap cut?
Right below every video that you edit in Capcut, there is a diamond-shaped button called the Keyframes button. So, what exactly are keyframes? It is the ability that helps to move any kind of text, photo, or video from one point to another point. That’s the simplest way to explain it. On clicking that button, you will notice a red diamond icon appearing at the start of the edit timeline.

Move it to the point you want to add another keyframe, and then select and move the element in the video to the desired location. What’s amazing is that you can apply keyframes to a lot more elements such as photos.

How to Add Social Media Logos in Capcut Video?
That’s a Cap cut tip that comes in handy if you are a video maker. Start with searching, downloading, and importing a PNG image of any social media logo into your timeline. Make sure that you choose only a PNG image and not a JPEG one.

Tap on Overlay >> go to Photos >> add the downloaded image. Resize and add the logo wherever you wish to. Add text and write the name of your channel/handle. Resize it again, and voila, you are done!

How to Apply Color Grading?
To apply color grading, tap on the video where you wish to add it and select Filters from the horizontal menu below. Cap cut online has such an extensive list of filters that you wouldn’t get enough of it. Choose the one you like, and move the slider to adjust its intensity.

Go back to the previous menu, and select Adjust, which would open other settings to help elevate the aesthetics of your video. Play around a little, pull some tweaks off and create a video that looks beautiful.

How to Apply the Zoom-In Effect?
Yet another important trick to highlight is what matters in the video! Start with choosing the video you wish to edit, and go to the ‘Keyframes’ button on the right. Yes, the same diamond-shaped button! Add a keyframe at the starting point of the video and towards the end.

Now, pinch the video to apply zoom-in. Decide what to focus on and how to focus as you pinch in. Click to play the video as the zoom-in effect unfolds to your amazement.

How to Achieve Cinematic Black Bars?
Pretty easy to begin with! Select the video you want to add this effect to. Go to Edit >> Custom Crop. Alternatively, you can use the presets. Tick the check box, and soon you will get cinematic black bars on the top and at the bottom, which would surely look magical

The Wrap
That’s all for this article on best Capcut tips and tricks 2022. Hope you find this article helpful and create some amazing videos out there.

Looking for more guides on Cap cut? Keep checking out this space. Also, leave some topics in the comment section below on Capcut that you would like to know in our future articles.

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