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Ebit Lew Felt Close To This Group Of Transgender Women After Talking To Them (Video)

Ustaz Ebit Lew is perhaps widely known among the public for his kind qualities as well as his generous efforts to lend his hand to the needy. From helping locals to reaching out to needy people abroad, it sure seems like there’s nothing he’s incapable of.

Recently, the Muslim preacher was seen doing his charity work in Surabaya, Indonesia. During a visit to UEL there, she spent some time meeting a group of trans women who were working in back alleys. He took to his official socials to detail what transpired during the meeting.


At 12 pm, I met several transgender women who were working in a dark alley in Surabaya. The moment I reached that place, I greeted them, spoke to them, and preached faith to them. They said they recognized me from my previous charity work with street children in Jakarta, Ebit revealed in his post.

After talking for a while, it seemed that some of them could not hold back their tears even in the dark alley. Some have been working in the alley for 14 years now. There were also some who were supporting their paralyzed parents. They have all kinds of stories behind them, adding the pious personality.

Abbitt then shared, I told them, God loves us. He has blessed our faith. We don’t know what the future holds for us. We are all currently striving for the Hereafter. Take good care of your parents, don’t miss your prayer times, and stay away from anything haram


In the video, the 37-year-old is also seen treating the group to a meal at a hotel. They were excited to follow me. When we reached the hotel, they asked many questions. What is Halal? What is haram? Getting close to Allah and our effort to realize it is most important. Some wanted to know how they could ensure a halal income. They want to be close to Allah, they miss Allah, Ebit explained.

They cried when I gave them food and when I shared stories of love and faith with them. Despite it being a short relationship, I felt them very close, like my friends. Praise be to God, I got to share some of my knowledge with them, the celebrity publicist added in the lengthy post.

They also told me that they have not heard one (Islamic advice) for a long time. They have never received such treatment and advice in their entire lives, Ebit revealed. Not only that, they invite Ustaz to meet them again as they have friends who want to meet him in person as well.


12 malam tadi saya ziarah transgender / maknyah yang bekerja di lorong gelap di Surabaya. Sebaik saya sampai saya beri salam dan berbual tanya khabar dan dakwah iman pada mereka. Mereka kata eh, ini Ebit lew yer? Yang suap anak Punk makan yer?macam mimpi jumpa di sini.

Berbual sekejap nampak ada yang sebak walau di lorong gelap disitu. Ada yang semenjak 14 tahun dah kerja di lorong sehingga sekarang. Ada yang menyara ibu lumpuh. Macam-macam kisah disebalik mereka. Saya cerita Allah sayang kita beri kita iman. Kita semua belum tahu nasib akhir kita di sana. Saya dan kita sama-sama berusaha untuk akhirat. Jaga solat dan ibubapa serta menjauhi yang haram.

Mereka tanya pasal solat dan lain-lain. Doa-doa. Saya terus kata malam ni semua cuti boleh. Saya nak belanja makan di hotel serta boleh tanya apa sahaja. Mereka gembira untuk ikut. Sampai di hotel, banyak soalan dan luahan mereka. Yang halal itu halal. Yang haram tetap haram. Yang utama usaha kita untuk dekat pada Allah dan melaksanakannya. Ada yang kata bagaimana ye nak mula cari rezeki yang halal. Nak dekat dengan Allah. Rindu pada Allah. Meninggalkan yang haram.

Menangis mereka bila saya suap dan berkongsi cerita iman dengan kasih sayang. Walau sekejap terasa rapat dan macam kawan-kawan. Alhamdulillah dapat berkongsi ilmu nasihat dan kasih sayang. Mereka kata kami dah lama tak dengar semua ini. Tak pernah rasa dalam hidup di layan begini dan dinasihati begini. Kami berkongsi nasihat dan belajar solat sampai dekat Subuh. Khusuk dan tekun mereka mendengar.

Katanya ustaz datang lagi yer. Ramai kawan kami yang lain ingin berjumpa ustaz. Semoga Allah terima dan jadikan asbab kebaikan dan hidayah.

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