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Helping Freelancers Establish Their Credibility on Guru!

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At Guru, our objective is to create a platform where Employers and Freelancers can work together with trust and transparency. We are continuously working toward including functions that assist both Freelancers and Employers on the platform set up their credibility.

For Employers on Guru, Featured jobs, All-Time spend, ID Verification and a Verified Payment Method indicate credibility and encourage Freelancers to ship Quotes for their jobs. Know greater about Employer credibility.

For Freelancers, the subsequent validations suggest credibility and appeal to Employers to work with them.


Earnings suggest that the Freelancer has successfully delivered paintings and got paid at the platform. Freelancer income is displayed as follows:

If a Freelancer has a transaction history on Guru and has also earned within the final one year, their earnings/in keeping with the year is displayed.

If a Freelancer has earnings but has now not earned in the closing one year, we display Past Earnings.

We advise Freelancers to build their transaction history over time. A strong profile with marvelous transaction history All-Time Transaction Data helps Freelancers appeal to large Employers and larger jobs on Guru.

ID Verification

If a Freelancer has not been paid for a process on Guru yet, there might be no earnings to reveal. In this case, we display their ID verification status.

Freelancers with a tested ID have a green take a look at displayed with their call.

We encourage Freelancers without earnings to verify their identification on Guru. It gives Employers some assurance when running with a Freelancer with no transaction history. Read more approximately ID Verification.


Freelancers who actively soak up freelancing jobs on Guru join a paid membership and are displayed with a ‘MEMBER’ tag with their call.

Employers don’t forget the above validations during the time of attempting to find Freelancers and when they’re reviewing Quotes received for an activity. Hence, having those validations displayed on your profile is an incredible manner to establish your credibility.

We extraordinarily endorse that you add an expert video and hyperlink your internet site on your Profile. It gives a personal contact and helps build acceptance as true with capacity Employers.

Guru.Com is an internet freelancing platform that helps Employers connect to Freelancers from throughout the globe to get paintings finished securely, flexibly, and fee-efficaciously. If you are seeking to rent a Freelancer with a selected talent, post your requirement on Guru now and get Quotes inside hours. If you’re a Freelancer, locate freelance jobs that healthy your abilities.

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