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The Best iPad cases!

The best iPad cases keep your iPad safe no matter what. While anything beyond that is just icing on the cake, many of the cases that have caught our eye go above and beyond the call of duty.

Even though the 10.2-inch iPad is Apple’s cheapest tablet, you’re still going to want to make sure your $329 investment is protected from drops, dust, and dirt. But that’s not the only role a good iPad case can play. In addition to amplifying your personal style, the very best iPad cases include productivity-boosting features like keyboards. What’s more, Apple is taking measures to reduce the environmental impact opens in a new tab of their manufacturing process, and some iPad cases go the extra mile in the sustainability department, too.

As a result, there’s a vast selection of iPad cases saturating the market right now, potentially overwhelming you with choices. When it comes to commandeering the coolest custom case to complement your career, though, we’ve got your back. And front.

From elegant leather to crash-proof polycarbonate, here are the latest iPad cases to put on your shortlist. Don’t have an iPad yet? Check out the best iPad deals in your quest to find the best tablet for your needs. It’s worth browsing our Apple Store coupons page to find the latest offers and save money on your new iPad case.

What is the best Apple iPad case?
The Logitech Combo Touch case turns your iPad into a mini-MacBook in an instant, and the full-size keyboard is perfect for mobile multitasking. Logitech even includes a built-in trackpad for gesture controls and easy webpage navigation. Factor in top-notch tablet protection, and it’s easy to see why this is our favorite iPad case.

The Otterbox Symmetry Series Folio iPad Case lets you show off your new tablet in style, and the built-in stand remains secure in both typing and viewing modes. Otterbox has long been a trusted brand in the mobile case space, and you’re unlikely to be disappointed by this one.

For those who like to bring their iPad to the beach, the Catalyst Waterproof Case adds waterproofing to a long list of features. The key ones, though are IP68 and 810G ratings to keep your tablet dry in depths up to 6.6 feet, and unshattered when dropped up to 4 feet above the ground.

The best Apple iPad cases
The iPad is great all on its own, but why not convert your tablet into a laptop every now and again? That’s exactly what the Logitech Combo Touch case is all about, featuring a built-in precision trackpad and full-size keyboard to complement the iPad’s 10.2-inch screen, making it easy to work with documents and spreadsheets on the fly.

Students and mobile professionals will find a lot to like with this iPad case as they use multi-finger controls to swipe, pinch, and double-tap their way through apps like Notes, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. The backlit keys have five adjustable brightness levels, and they’re just as clicky as what you’ll find on any MacBook. Thanks to comfortable spacing and excellent ergonomics, you’ll enjoy hours of productivity without any finger strain.

There’s a dedicated row of shortcut buttons media controls, key brightness, screen brightness at the top of the keyboard, and four use modes: typing, viewing, sketching, and reading. The adjustable kickstand is there when you need it, and invisible when you don’t.

When you’re finished typing, you can detach the Combo Touch’s keyboard from the iPad to go solo. And you never need to worry about charging the keyboard itself, since it’s powered via the tablet’s Smart Connector.

  1. Otterbox Symmetry Series Folio iPad Case
    For some of the best iPad cases, you trade protection for fashion since your fancy new tablet is mostly covered by plastic. Not so with the Otterbox iPad Symmetry Series Folio Case which works with the 7th and 8th gen iPads in addition to the current model. This Otterbox iPad case has a clear back to let you show off your iPad’s asset tags or engravings.

Constructed from durable polycarbonate and synthetic rubber on the outside, a soft microfiber lining on the inside covers the screen, while magnets activate wake and sleep mode. There’s even an Apple Pencil holder for there-when-you-need-it access. Otterbox backs this iPad case with a limited lifetime warranty, so you know the case maker is serious about its products.

  1. TineeOwl Ultra Slim Clear Case
    Several of the iPad cases on this list add some extra functionality to your tablet, but if all you care about is bare-bones protection at a budget-friendly price, look no further than the TineeOwl Ultra Slim Clear Case. this sub-$20 option uses proprietary Air-Pillow technology and raised bezels to keep the corners and screen crack-free for years. Or until your next upgrade, anyway.

As the name implies, this iPad case is clear and scratch-resistant on the back, and at just 98 grams, it’s so lightweight that you’ll barely know it’s there. The case’s precise cutouts won’t interfere with glass screen protectors, should you be using one, and the flexible TPU bumper grips surface well.

  1. Catalyst Waterproof Case for 10.2-inch iPad
    Planning to take your iPad into the great outdoors? Then you’ll need to weatherproof it first. The Catalyst Waterproof Case for 10.2-inch iPad handles that in a jiff.

Backed by impressive IP68 and MIL-810G ratings, this case keeps your iPad waterproof up to 6.6 feet, and drop-proof up to 4 feet. It’s also dirt- and snow-proof. Spilled coffee is a concern of the past since you can easily clean your protected iPad with soap and water whenever the case gets too sticky or grimey.

This case is Touch ID compatible, allowing unfettered access to the power port and buttons. It even comes with an adjustable stand, which is great for propping up your iPad in bed or on the couch. Or under a beach blanket. Thanks to the hard-coated plastic near the camera lens, taking pictures is never compromised by trapped dirt or sand. The case comes in three different colors, adding a final layer of customization to an already tidy package.

  1. Pixiu iPad 10.2 case with Pencil holder
    Available in a host of colors and designs, the Pixiu iPad case turns into a folio design to keep your iPad’s screen covered and safe from danger when not in use. That cover also triggers the iPad’s wake/sleep feature, waking up your iPad as you open the case and putting it to sleep when you close things up.

Best of all, the folio case includes a holder for the Apple Pencil, if you’ve sprung for Apple’s optional accessory. The cover also doubles as a tri-fold stand allowing you to either type on your iPad or comfortably view the contents of its 10.2-inch screen.

  1. Speck Case-E Run 10.2-inch iPad Case
    Mobile tech isn’t just for grownups anymore, and the best iPads for kids can be valuable educational tools for humans of all ages. The Speck Case-E Run 10.2-inch iPad Case was made with kiddies in mind, featuring a convenient carrying handle that easily converts into a viewing stand. Thanks to protected corners and a raised bezel, you can rest easy with up to 6 feet of drop protection.

Kids and germs go together like peanut butter and jelly, but the Microban coating reduces bacteria growth by up to 99 percent. Hey, every little bit helps. Bonus: the case’s handle is detachable and fits around any headrest for hands-free viewing during car trips. That should keep Junior’s backseat driving to a minimum.

  1. Domino Waterproof Laptop Sleeve
    Some of the options among our list of the best iPad cases are relatively expensive, but on-the-go protection doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The Domino Waterproof Laptop Sleeve looks like a canvas messenger bag at first glance, but it’s also loaded with useful extras for less than $20.

Available in five attractive colors and five different sizes, each case has five dynamic layers of protection thanks to a water-resistant exterior and soft inner lining that’s padded for shock absorption. Once you slip your iPad inside, dust, dirt, and scratches become a non-issue as you get from point A to point B. There’s even an external USB interface that you can hook to a portable power bank not included, giving you extra juice on the move.

  1. Gexmil Leather iPad 10.2 Case
    There are plenty of premium iPad cases on the market, but the Gexmil Leather iPad 10.2 Case is constructed from genuine cowhide leather, which is selected for the highest quality strength and grain. There are nine colors to choose from; each design features a different outer texture on the leather that only gets more distinguished with age.

The cover has a strong magnetic closure to effectively take your iPad in and out of sleep mode, and there are precise cutouts for the camera, speakers, and tablet buttons. The soft inner shell keeps scratches at bay, and depending on what style you choose, it’s easy to mistake your iPad for an old leather book when the lid is closed.

  1. Apple Smart Cover for iPad 9th Generation
    If you feel like going straight to the source, Apple has plenty of iPad accessories open in a new tab to choose from. The iPad maker’s Smart Cover for the 10.2-inch iPad comes in six stylish colors, and it offers elegant-yet-minimal protection as you go about your day-to-day tasks.

Like other entries on the list of best iPad cases, the Smart Cover automatically wakes up your iPad when you open it, and then puts the tablet back to sleep when closed. The magnetic lid folds into a few different positions, too, allowing for more comfortable reading, viewing, or typing time.

How to choose the best iPad case for you
When it comes to choosing the best iPad case to fit your lifestyle, consider the following:

Price: Starting at $329, the 9th-Gen Apple iPad is expensive enough without spending extraneous dollars on compatible accessories. Some of the more rugged cases (or those with extra features, such as a built-in keyboard) can reach $100, but you can find plenty of viable options for less than $30.

Build materials: From leather to silicone to aluminum to polycarbonate plastic to rubber, look for a good drop rating to keep your iPad protected. Some cases are only meant to withstand drops of a few feet high, while more hardcore competitors have a MIL-STD-810G-tested rating of 6 feet or more.

Color/design options: Some cases only offer one or two color choices per brand, but the fashion-forward ones take more chances in this department, adding blended colors, textured designs, and customized labels to the mix. Since your mobile tech often says something about your personality, why not have some fun with it?

Environmental impact: We all need to tread lightly when it comes to our collective effect on the environment, and if future-proofing planet Earth is on your to-do list, look for iPad cases with various green initiatives; many brands use recycled plastics and packaging to get the job done, and every little bit helps.

Size: It goes without saying, but make sure when shopping for the best iPad case that you’re picking one that fits your tablet. In the case of the current iPad, you’ll want a case that’s compatible with a 10.2-inch such as the 7th, 8th, or 9th generation tablet. Avoid cases designed for other iPad variations as they won’t fit your model.

How we chose the best iPad cases
It’s next to impossible for us to test every single iPad case out there. So we relied on the community reviews on Amazon and other similar places, plus products from known, reputable brands. An iPad case is a very personal choice, but we tried to gather as many different options as we could.

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