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How To AI Will Enhance Technology

How To AI Will Enhance Technology?

Importance of Artificial Intelligence

AI is considered the foundation of the computer. It has dramatically changed our future. AI is the most efficient and the quickest form of computer technology, which helps in acquiring a large amount of data and optimal decisions. More discoveries are being made in the field of AI, and Artificial Intelligence is the now and the future.

The Impact of AI
In the past years, the collection and analysis of data and information have been more efficient with the help of speedy computer processing, technologies, and connectivity of devices.

Almost, AI is affecting all the major industries nowadays. AI is playing a big part in our everyday lives. Some of the sectors that AI is important for us are:

Media: Nowadays, Journalism is also acquiring AI and seeking benefits from it. Different companies are using artificial intelligence to their advantage these days. Bloomberg makes its financial reports easier through the technology of Cyborg. Similarly, The Associated Press is producing 3700 earnings report stories, just by employing Automated Insights.

Healthcare: With AI, virtual nursing assistants are present to monitor patients and create a more comfortable patient experience. Alongside this, diseases are diagnosed more accurately.

Transport: Sooner or later, Autonomous cars will become the future.

Manufacture: Nowadays, humans and robots are working side by side, to produce efficient results. They perform tasks like assembling and stacking.

Education: With all the technological advancements, textbooks are now present in digital form. Early-stage virtual tutors are also available, to cater to the needs of different kinds of students and provide them with a good experience.

Customer Assistance: Alongside all the other sectors, customer services are an essential part of our life today. AI Assistant will also be available sooner that will be able to place human-like calls to book appointments and other things. For example, the bots that assist you when you call Xfinity, to enquire about the Xfinity internet prices or go on their website to check their services. But this is just the commencement of these advancements and there are many more things to come that even very foresighted people can’t imagine and it will be beyond their expectations.

Companies around the world are investing millions if not, billions in the advancement of AI. They are paying billions of dollars every day to generate revenues and services. Even universities today are normalizing AI in their curriculum and playing a vital role in its advancement of it. The advancement and update of Artificial Intelligence is inevitable and continuous. Technology keeps revolutionizing and eventually, so will AI. Although, it is yet not ensured if it will result in positive or negative outcomes.

Privacy is the major concern when it comes to the evolution and advancement of technology. We sure are getting many benefits out of it but we may have to pay for it with our privacy. Technology is affecting privacy in a major way and some of the most common examples of the above statement are Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook shenanigans or Amazon’s Alexa eavesdropping. Some critics even state that the situation might become even worse in the future. While some also believe that if AI is implemented appropriately, our society can benefit a lot from it.

There is a major danger and predictions that corporate and industries may affect Human Rights as well in a negative way. Large volumes of data, both on individual and group activity, are frequently generated, collected, processed, and shared in applications of these technologies.

This information can be used to characterize people and forecast their future behavior. While some of these applications can result in far-reaching consequences, posing new risks to the right to privacy and freedom of expression and information, they can result in the use of spam filters as well.

Will AI Take over the World

Artificial intelligence is said to have a long-term effect on almost every business. Evolution has made our life easier in a lot of ways and today everything is linked with technology. Artificial intelligence is already present in our smart devices, automated infrastructure, healthcare, computing system, and favorite apps, and it will continue to pervade many additional industries in near future.

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