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How to make cloth moya at home

How to make jaggery moya at home!

Almost everyone likes to eat mudra. Muri is the big solution for small hunger. Especially the fun of eating Jhalmuri is different. But those who like to eat muri and jaggery can make delicious moa at home.

The taste of this popular food of rural Bengal must have stuck in everyone’s mouth! If you want, you can easily make murid moya at home. Here is the recipe-


  1. the bandage
  2. Molasses and
  3. little water


There is no need to measure anything to make this moa. All must be taken as expected. First, boil the jaggery with little water.

After burning for a while the jaggery will become quite thick, dry, and sticky. Then mix it with a cloth.

The quantity of mudra should be adjusted with the quantity of jaggery so that none is more or less. Stir once or twice when jaggery is mixed with mud and take it down.

Take it out of the oven and while it is still hot, wet your hands and squeeze it with both hands and make it round.

Once it cools down, it will not need to be wrapped. Similarly, all the moas should be prepared. You can store this moya for a long time by keeping it in a sealed container.

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