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Huge forests were found at a depth of 630 feet

Huge forests were found at a depth of 630 feet

Is it possible to have a forest under the ground! I was surprised to think but the truth is. Chinese scientists have discovered a sinkhole 630 feet deep in the ground.

And inside this sinkhole, archaeologists have discovered a huge forest. In the meantime, the picture of the forest in the sinkhole has gone viral on the net.

A giant hole created suddenly in nature is known as a sinkhole. Chinese scientists have recently discovered a 630-foot-deep sinkhole in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the south of the country. The sinkhole is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, near the village of Pingi in Lei County.

There is a huge ancient forest hidden inside it. Chinese scientists have claimed that people have never entered this forest before.

The sinkhole is 630 feet deep, 1000 feet long, and 490 feet wide. Inside the recently discovered huge sinkhole, there are all the giant trees that have been found in the forest.

According to the researchers, there are 131-foot or 13-storey buildings in the forest. Which surprised everyone.

Chinese scientists say they have found traces of three entrances to the inside of the sinkhole. The trees deep in the ground grow through the gaps in the sinkhole, facing the sun.

Chen Lexin, head of the research team, said that just as there are small trees inside the sinkhole, there are also 131-foot giant trees. In this sinkhole there is the possibility of discovering something that has never been seen before.

Sinkholes have previously been found in parts of Mexico and the United States. This is really great news, said George Wayne, executive director of the National Cave and Karst Research Institute 'NCKRI' in the United States.

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