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Play How To Google Memory Game (Updated Guide 2023)

Play How To Google Memory Game (Updated Guide 2023)

In the past years, Google has been very helpful in providing interesting games to its users. Google offers free games to kill some time on its search engine. Google offers many free games to play online, such as Quick Draw and Google Doodles

Apart from that, a new Google game is very popular these days. The game is called Google Memory Game and game is the latest addition to the many memory games offered by Google. Let’s take a look at everything about this game.

What is Google Memory Game?

As the name suggests, this is a memory game and will test your memory. This game has 4 characters a fish, a turtle, a jellyfish, and an octopus. All these four letters have their own sound. You have to play sounds from these letters.

You must keep a memory of the word and its letters each time you click on those letters to make the same sound. It sounds simple but is very difficult for people with memory problems.

How to play the Google memory game?

Now you have a clear idea about the game: it is a memory game where you have to remember the words. Now let’s see how to play the game step by step.

When the game is opened it will play the rhythm by playing all the sounds of the letters. After that, the computer plays a letter sound. Now you have to click on that letter and make the sound. Next, the computer plays the sound of the second letter. Now you have to click on the first and then the second letter to create a rhythm.

Now, if the computer plays the third letter word, you have to click on all these letters to make that word. If the computer doesn’t play the third letter sound, you only need to play those two letter sounds.

The game will play the sound of all the letters in order and you have to play that sound in that given order. Each time you successfully complete that rhythm, you earn a score. If you fail to make that sound, the game will start from there. If you fail to complete the second time, it will be game over and you will have to play the game from the beginning.

This is how you play this game. Remember the order in which the computer sounds and follow that order without forgetting.

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Features and Benefits


The first feature of this game is its simplicity. There are no settings options in the game, which means that characters and sounds cannot be changed. It consists of only four letters and given words. You just have to play with them and that’s the best thing about this game.

Just come and enjoy the game without any more worries about changing settings and the game.

Totally free

The game is completely free to play. There are no subscription fees or purchase fees that you have to pay. Moreover, the game is browser-based, so you don’t need to download anything.

Boost memory
This game is very good for those who want to improve their memory. The main focus of this game is memory. If your memory is not good, play this game for some time, and you will experience good results.

Another great advantage of playing this game is that it increases your focus. If you have trouble focusing on things then you should play this game because this game will also test your focus.

Where to play this game?

This game is offered by Google and it is a browser-based game. So you don’t need to download any file, app, or app to install and play the game.

Just open Google Chrome and search for the game there. As a result, the game will come with a play button. Just click the play button, and the game will pop up to play.

Other memory games offered by Google

Tic Tac Toe
It is one of the most played games on Google. It is a free browser-based game that you can play on Google just by searching on Google.

This game is very old, as people say it is from the era of the Roman Empire. Then people play this game on the ground. Its gameplay is simple; At that time, people play it a certain number of times. And at that particular time, the player who makes three checkmarks in a row wins the game.

Before technology, the game was played in many places on the ground, and today many people play it with their friends on the ground.

But with the advancement of technology, now you can enjoy this game on your PC and mobile devices. It will also test your memory and focus. This is why people play this game the most on Google. All you need is a device to access the internet and Google, and you’re in for a treat

Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker is another memory game by Google that was developed for the Christmas season to enjoy the event by playing the game. This is a mini-game pack that will test your memory and focus.

The first game you will find in Santa Tracker is matching cards. In this game, you have many levels to complete with each level and the number of cards is increasing. Here you will be given several cards locked to the door. You have to open two doors and match those two cards.

The first time you get all the doors closed. Now you have to open each door, look at the cards and remember which one is where. The door will close after opening and viewing all card slots. Now you need to open only those two doors where matching is done. You have to do this and match all the cards and win the game. Remember you will have a timer where you have to complete the level.

Santa Tracker is all about these Santa-type mini-games that you can enjoy during the month of December

Memory match game
Memory Match Game is another great game developed by Google Play. This game is also free and available for free on google search. This game, game gives you many pairs of images. Now you have to match that pair and win the game.

This game will improve your memory and focus. It will require your focus to see the image pairs; Through memory, you will verify pairs and match them to win the game.

play memory games on Google

How do I play memory games on Google?
There are two simple ways to play memory games on Google. The first is to search Google Memory Game on Google. Then google brings many games to play. Then click on the game you want to play and it will open in the text tab to play.

The second method is to search by the name of any game you want to play. Google will then bring up search results for websites that offer that game. Then open any website and play a game on this website on Google.

Can memory games really improve memory?

ACTIVE, an organization, conducted a study on people and found that playing memory games and puzzles improved people’s memory. From that research, yes, memory games improve a person’s memory.

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