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The 8 Best Beaches in the USA

The United States is not only a rustic with a fairly advanced economic system but additionally a very appealing vacation destination.

Some humans go to the U.S. Because of the amazing architecture in American cities.

Others come due to the severa national parks and the beauty of the world’s well-known Niagara Falls.

But no longer does everybody associates the U.S. With summer vacation at sea.

And right here is very interesting.

Why? Very simple because the U.S. beaches are incredibly beautiful and attractive, making them an ideal place for spending a great summer vacation.

With certainly the best American beaches you will find in the states of Florida and

The differences between Florida and California, however, are quite large.

While the state of Florida is dominated by light and even white beaches, the sand in California is more vivid and intense, with dark-yellowish-gold color.

In Florida, the ocean waters are much calmer and more pleasant for swimming, while California is more suitable for surfing.

Here are some of the best beaches in the U.S.:


1. Islamorada / Florida

islamorada beach florida

Islamorada Island is one of the famous island chains of the Florida Keys.

The place is situated in the southernmost United States.

The climate is warm tropical, with high temperatures all year round.

The beach is quiet and very beautiful.

The sand is golden and very fine.

Marine waters are usually calm as a mirror, except when there is coming to a tropical storm.

Here you will find the only coral reef in the U.S..

2. Daytona Beach / Florida

daytona beach florida

Daytona Beach is located in the central parts of eastern Florida.

The beach to say the least is huge.

The sand is white with light beige shades.

The beach stretches dozens of miles and even at the peak tourist season has plenty of space.

One of its main characteristics is that the beach is extremely straight and almost there are almost no curves.

3. Clear Water / Florida

clear water florida

Clear Water is a town located in the west central parts of Florida.

There is bright and very fine sand, and calm ocean waters.

Like all other places in Florida, the beautiful beach is just at hand from the shadow of the lush tropical vegetation, where man can relax during the hottest parts of the day.

4. Destin Beach / Florida

destin beach florida

Destin Beach is a huge beach, which is located in the northwestern part of Florida.

The beach possesses typical for the state white beaches with fine sand.

The summer tourist season here is too long and runs from early spring to late autumn.

Not far from the beach there are beautiful forests, which add to the ambiance in a very attractive way.

5. Malibu / California

Malibu is one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States.

It is located in the northernmost parts of Los Angeles.

Golden sand, subtropical vegetation, and silver – blue ocean – all re-create in a unique way the beauty of the Mediterranean and for a moment you feel like you’re somewhere in Europe.

By the beach rise luxury villas, and among the foamy ocean waves there are surfers even in the winter.

6. Mission Beach / California

mission beach california

Mission Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Pacific Coast.

It is located in the northern parts of San Diego.

It looks quite Californian – waves, golden sand, and huge spaces that create the feeling of freedom.

Like Malibu, there is also a typical Mediterranean atmosphere.

The beach is most beautiful at sunset when the ocean turns red and orange hues.

7. La Jolla / California

la jolla beach california

La Jola is also located in the northern parts of San Diego, California.

It is located in the north of Mission Beach.

The place is a paradise for lovers of surfing.

The beach is wide, the sand is golden and almost always there are big waves.

The vegetation is Mediterranean and the beach’s surroundings have a very picturesque landscape, which makes the place even more fascinating.

8. Miami Beach / Florida

miami florida

Miami Beach is one of the most popular places in the U.S..

And for good reason. The beaches here are amazing.

The sand is white, the ocean waters – clear, and around the beach waving their huge leaves the coconut palms.

The local beaches can be used throughout the year, because even in the coldest winter here is warm and pleasant for lolling on the beach and swimming.

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