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Anne-Marie Nicholson stood out as a child in the musical Les Misérables. In the run-up to her own career, she warmed up with Rudimental, the London dance machine that has already played Werchter twice. Anne-Marie was an emphatic presence on the album We The Generation (2015) and toured with the group for two years. Her next collaboration took her high up the charts. Rockabye (2016) by Clean Bandit spent nine weeks at #1 in the UK. This duet with Sean Paul was a hit here too. Since then she’s produced her own offspring. The title Karate (2015) is no mere coincidence. The British artist is a three-time world champion in Japanese martial art. Ciao Adios, Friends with Marshmello, and 2002 kicked off a long line of singalong hits. Anne-Marie’s energetic R&B and rhythmic dancehall are the sound of today. At long last, she’s able to present her second album Therapy, released last summer.

Anne-Marie is one of the UK’s biggest artists after having collaborated with some huge names and getting some massive singles on the charts. Here’s everything you need to know about the pop star, from her age to her net worth.

  1. Image: ITV1. Who is Anne-Marie? Anne-Marie is a name you will have definitely heard of thanks to her continuous chart-smashers over the years including Ciao Adios and 2002. The British pop star rose to fame first of all by starring in West End productions as a child, such as Les Misérables. In 2013 she launched her solo career, releasing demo tapes and featuring songs with the likes of Magnetic Man and Rudimental. Her first solo single was Do It Right in 2015.
  2. Image: Getty2. How old is Anne-Marie? Anne-Marie is 30 years old – her birthday is 7 April 1991.
  3. Image: Getty3. Anne-Marie songs you should definitely know You’ll definitely have heard a lot of Anne-Marie’s songs, including 2002, FRIENDS, Alarm, Perfect to Me, Our Song with Niall Horan, Birthday, Don’t Play, and Alarm. Last year, she collaborated with Little Mix on Kiss My Uh Oh
  4. Image: Anne-Marie/Instagram4. Does Anne-Marie have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Anne-Marie is understandably very private about her love life, so it’s not known whether she’s dating anyone. In 2018 she spoke to Line of Best Fit about her sexuality, saying: I’ve never ever just been attracted to men. I’ve never just been attracted to women. I’ve never felt the need to tell anyone that I’m bisexual.
  5. Image: Anne-Marie/Instagram5. Where is Anne-Marie from? Anne-Marie is from Tilbury in Essex, just outside of London.
  6. Image: Anne-Marie/Instagram6. What color is Anne-Marie’s natural hair? Anne-Marie’s mostly had pink hair throughout her career, but her natural hair in a Twitter photo from 2016 shows her with mousy tresses.
  7. Image: Anne-Marie/Instagram7. What is Anne-Marie’s net worth? Anne-Marie is believed to have a net worth of around £5.4 million after she made £1.7 million in 2020 from clever property investments. However, since then she’s continued to have hit singles in the charts so her fortune has no doubt soared.
  8. Image: Getty8. Does Anne-Marie have Instagram? Anne-Marie does have Instagram! You can follow her @annemarie where she has millions of followers.

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