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The BEST MOMENTS in World Cup opening ceremonies!

The FIFA World Cup 2022 kicked off at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar on Sunday. The opening ceremony of the event was an extravaganza of performances and visual spectacles. The event was officially inaugurated by Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Ruler of Qatar, with a message for people of all races and orientations to put aside their differences. The event was attended by Hollywood star, Morgan Freeman, South Asian K-pop singer, Jungkook, and Qatari singer Fahad Al-Qubasi among many others performances.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Best song

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Check out the amazing event through this photo:

Morgan Freeman delivers a message of love and acceptance

85-year-old Hollywood star, Morgan Freeman, walked through the stadium among the performers and lent his voice to promote the word of inclusion by celebrating each other’s differences and calling for love and acceptance. He joined Qatari YouTuber Ghanim Al Muftah on stage where they sat together and talked about the divisions and differences that exist around the world. They said together on the stage, we sent a postcard to welcome everyone. This is an invitation to the whole world.

Jungkook set the stage on fire with his performance

The 25-year-old member of the K-pop band BTS, Jungkook, performed his new single and official World Cup anthem, Dreamers, becoming the first Asian to perform the World Cup anthem. Her performance with the Qatari singer, Fahad Al-Qubasi, received loud cheers.

La’ib, Qatar 2022 mascot

The official FIFA World Cup 2022 mascot, La’ib, made a grand entry at the opening ceremony and mesmerized everyone with his cute face. In Arabic, La’ib means, a super-skilled player and is inspired by Qatari culture and customs. On first impression, the mascot, La’ib, resembles the friendly ghost, Casper. Regarding the mascot, FIFA said in April, La’ib comes from the mascot’s metaverse, a parallel universe that cannot be described in words and that everyone can imagine as they wish. La’ib encourages everyone to believe in themselves.

Qatari traditional dance performance

The opening ceremony also featured Qatar’s traditional sword dance, Al-Ardha, representing Gulf culture and heritage. The performers were taken over by the sound of drums with the tracks playing in the background, ole ole ole and please don’t take me home.

League of Legends Trophy

The official leg of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Legends trophy was unveiled in the first match between the host nation and Ecuador. Former defender, Marcel Desailly paraded the World Cup trophy for the defending champions The trophy weighs 6.17 kg in 18-carat gold and is packed in an exclusive Louis Vuitton case.

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