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TikTok Organic Content Strategy – Organic Marketing TikTok Strategy Guide

Wondering a way to make excellent TikTok motion pictures? Looking for a demonstrated organic content method?

In this article, you’ll find out the way to broaden and execute a TikTok plan that works.

Why Organic Content Rules TikTok
Over the past 3 years, all of the other social media platforms have been playing capture-up with TikTok. From Facebook to YouTube, Twitter to Pinterest, each social community has located a serious competitor in the quick-form video app.

TikTok has disrupted social media with the aid of pioneering brief-shape content. Quick, vertical videos of 15 seconds or much less have started to take over the internet. What’s extra, these motion pictures don’t require huge advert finances or excessive production fees. The maximum success of short-form video is straightforward, real, and organic.

That makes TikTok content a winning strategy for maximum brands, mainly startups or eCommerce corporations that are low on assets but big on time and strength. There are 3 primary benefits to being at the platform.

Marketing fees: With the proper content, you could make a massive effect on TikTok without spending on TikTok ads.
Online attention: Like it or no longer, brief-form video has grown to be the most famous media layout online. Organic TikTok content will assist you to get and hold the interest of your target audience.
Repurposable content: TikTok’s taking on, which is ideal news for overworked social media managers. Once you’ve created quick-shape video content for the platform, you may reuse it throughout other social networks to shop time and effort.

1: The 3 Types of Content a Business Needs on TikTok
In this guide, we’re going to have a look at how to create a hit TikTok advertising method with organic content material that gets interest and conversions on TikTok. Before we dive into the specifics of scripting, filming, and modifying your content, we want to talk approximately about what precisely you’re growing.

Start by identifying the primary content pillars of your logo. These are three or 4 key content kinds that convey your message, logo identity, and community. Every brand is extraordinary but we’re going to look at a number of the most commonplace content pillars right here.

Most brands on TikTok will want to create content material such as:

Trends content that picks up on viral audio, jokes, and styles on TikTok.
Series of related motion pictures that hold visitors coming back for extra.
Community engagement content material to prompt your fans and create unswerving clients.
Let’s undergo those types of TikTok movies separately.

Trends Content
On TikTok, developments imply audio. Different sound clips paintings like hashtags on the platform. You can tap on the historical past audio of a video to peer extra videos that use the same sound and you may use that sound in your films, too. Often, specific audio will be matched with a specific meme or shaggy dog story.

This viral audio on TikTok has been used in over 4 million motion pictures.

Trends are a powerful pillar of natural content material because they have the potential to go viral. If you publish a video on the usage of the proper fashion at the right time, you could get tens of millions of views.

However, developments begin and stop quickly. You’ll need to stay in contact with what’s taking place on TikTok. To that cease, it’s worth spending 15 minutes a day honestly scrolling through motion pictures to see what the present-day developments are. Don’t consider this as aimlessly ingesting content material; alternatively, you’re reading what works.

If you spot a video template that could be a suitable healthy for your emblem, faucet on the audio and take a look at what number of different human beings are getting in on the fashion. Don’t attempt to submit on each trend that you see. Instead, the consciousness of developments that would help you convey your message.

Trend movies assist you to produce a high volume of content without putting in an excessive amount of attempt on manufacturing or original scripting. They also display that you apprehend TikTok from the inside.

But one last phrase of warning: if you most effective post-fashion films, then you definitely gained’t get conversions. To flip your fashion video visitors into new clients, you’ll need authentic content, too.

Original Content
Original content is the most essential pillar of your natural TikTok content strategy. Unique movies about your brand, store, process, merchandise, and services get you a devoted target market of fanatics. Unlike fashion videos, you received’t be competing with others for interest on the same theme. You can create something totally new.

For instance, you could produce a collection of motion pictures that inspire human beings to return lower back and examine more content. When you create those videos, make it abundantly clear that they’re part of a series.

Add text overlay that states the video is a part of a series; for example, Packing deliveries component three or episode 1.
Be certain to state every video’s collection number. In that manner, if a person stumbles across a later video, they’ll visit your profile to view the sooner clips.
Encourage visitors to check the lower back for extra clips inside the destiny.
TikTok additionally has a Playlists feature so that you can group collections at the top of your profile page. This makes it even less complicated for humans to discover your nice unique content material!

This brand pins video playlists to the top of its profile and labels personal films with episode numbers to maintain visitors coming back for extra.

A widespread portion of your unique movies needs to the consciousness of your services and products. Try to discover fun, enticing methods to show off one-of-a-kind product features, tutorials, hacks, hints, and tricks. Videos like this must make up the bulk of your organic content on TikTok.

Community Engagement Content
Community engagement is the final pillar for your organic TikTok content material strategy and each logo needs to include it.

TikTok is precise among social media structures as it lets you answer right away to comments on your motion pictures with new video responses. As well as liking and replying to remarks in textual content format, you must use the video reaction feature to grow your content material output.

This video is based totally on a remark from a viewer, which you may see covered as a sticker in the clip.

Community engagement serves the most important purposes:

It will increase the effectiveness of your authentic content material by way of responding to remarks on authentic clips.
It builds relationships with potential clients.
You can think of this as a piece like a content material funnel. Trends content material brings new viewers to your profile, unique content material retains their attention, and network engagement cements their loyalty. Original content takes the maximum effort to provide but you can maintain a consistent float of recent movies by using sharing trends and network engagement clips, too.

2: How to Script and Edit Your TikTok Content for Success
Once you’ve found out which types of content material you need to post, it’s time to increase the content flow. We propose three degrees:

Content scripting. Plan each phrase, frame, special impact, and textual content overlay for your video.
Content advent. Film the short-shape video according to your script.
Editing and approval. Add any greater outcomes, reduce useless time, and get final approval to put up. Ideally, you need to have videos authorized at least a week in advance of posting.
Why Script Your TikTok Content?
Scripting a fifteen-second video may sound like overkill. But there are superb reasons to script your organic content material so precisely.

First, scripting honestly saves you time in the long run. It’s less difficult to create content material speedy if you have a clear plan.

Creating a script also protects you from producing content that doesn’t have a clear intention or strong commencing. When you handiest have 15 seconds to paint with, you couldn’t have the funds to be indistinct or uninteresting. Writing a script helps maintain your content slick and focused.

Scripting also can be beneficial when you paint with content material creators or influencers. A distinct script approach that no speaking factors get not noted.

Finally, scripting makes it less complicated to appear again over your content material and spot what worked. You can test one-of-a-kind elements within a content material collection or screen which video styles get the maximum engagement.

How to Script TikTok Content
So what do need to you encompass in a content material script?

A rough verbal outline of what you want to mention. This doesn’t ought to be phrase-for-phrase, simply a sufficient element to make sure that you don’t forget the whole thing you want to include.
A plan for the visual elements you need to encompass. Are you following a particular trend or video template? Do you want it to consist of pictures of a specific product or scene? Will you put on anything particular or get dressed casually?
Specific audio. Choose this earlier to set the tone of your content.
Write an in-depth draft of any textual content overlays you need to encompass. You also can specify the font style or size you want to apply.
Describe the general tone of the video. You can deliver hints for frame language, temper, and talking style, too.
List any special effects, filters, or sound outcomes while using them.
It’s a great concept to include unique links to any audio, video proposal, or special effects which you use. Over time, you’ll increase a reference library of video factors that work nicely, saving you even greater time for future content advent.

How to Edit TikTok Content
When it comes to enhancing your short-shape video, you have options: TikTok’s native editing equipment or 1/3-birthday party apps.

TikTok’s local enhancing tools are quite good. They already include filters, retouching equipment, outcomes, photo university equipment, and diverse overlay and special impact alternatives.

However, when you have the time to use external modifying tools, they’re really worth it. One of the high-quality apps is CapCut, which turned into created via ByteDance, the company at the back of TikTok.

CapCut has all of TikTok’s simple enhancing tools plus greater competencies. It additionally has the most important benefit of exporting video without TikTok’s watermark. This way you can repost your edited video content material on other social networks such as the TikTok label.

Three: Tips to Get More From TikTok Content
By now, you ought to have an excellent concept of your major content material pillars and a content workflow to get you posting natural quick-form videos on TikTok.

But there’s greater! Here are 3 more suggestions to get even extra from your natural TikTok approach.

Establish a Sustainable Post Frequency
In any social community, consistency is fundamental. Posting one extremely good video 12 months won’t get you consequences. Posting 5, less enormously produced motion pictures each week gets you a huge and energetic audience.

You’ll want to establish a posting cadence that maintains first-class, quantity… and your paintings-lifestyles stability. The great frequency for most brands is 5 to seven posts consistent per week. However, if you may best be consistent with 3 posts a week, it’s better to paste to that range than put up inconsistently.

If seven videos a week sounds like a lot, take into account that you’re trying to find out about your target audience even as you submit. It’s OK if not every video is the best. Think of these less success posts as studies. Over time, an extra proportion of your posts can have an effect.

You could make things less complicated for yourself through the usage of scheduling gear. You can timetable video posts through the TikTok computing device app or thru 0.33-birthday party apps inclusive of Later. Tools like Later will even assist you to redistribute content on different social networks.

But who must that person be? It doesn’t have to default to you, the social media supervisor. You can get creative along with your creator persona.

Think about who your brand needs to show. Is your messaging aspirational, relatable, authentic, specific, or various? Can you locate creators who healthy the bill? Remember that you always have the option to paint with content material creators or influencers to make bigger your writer character.

Adopt a Creator Persona
TikTok’s posting fashion is generally in first-person. Videos show one individual facing the camera.

Some brands choose to in no way show a human face or use a mascot instead. But those tend to be manufacturers which might be already huge. If you’re nevertheless building your audience, then human contact will help you connect with more humans.

The Duolingo account on TikTok is understood for using a comedy mascot in place of a human face in its movies but that is a super method.

Repurpose Short-Form TikTok Content
TikTok’s unique system of brief-shape, with no end in sight scrolling content material, has taken over social media. So you’re not actually creating a TikTok method; you’re creating an entire social media strategy. If you don’t reshare your short-form films to other platforms, you’re leaving money at the table.

Yes, in a really perfect international, you’d create tailor-made content for each exclusive social network. But that is the real international. Most social media managers gained’t have the time or finances to create personal streams of content material. However, they do have the time and budget to redistribute their excellent TikTok content material to other social networks.

Short-form video content is the destiny and you want a strategy now. With this content workflow, you’ll be prepared to take over social media, beginning with TikTok.

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