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Top 10 Fast Food Fried Chicken Joints In The USA – The Best Fried Chicken Restaurants in the Country – Fried Chicken – Order Our Famous Chickenjoy Online

To me, the Holy Grail of fast meals objects needs to be fried hen. That crispy skin with the smooth, delicious meat internal is hard to withstand, regardless of what chain you visit. Everybody’s got their own form of how they put together the juicy and crispy pieces of fried chicken, and some genuinely do it higher than others. Based on the travels of the Foodbeast team, country-wide effect, and average best of fried bird, we have come up with this list of the ten tastiest fried chicken fast meal chains you may locate in the united states.

To be clean approximately this listing: no bird nuggets or bird fries had been considered, so sorry to McDonald’s and Wendy’s fanatics Wendy’s lovers particularly, for the reason that you know the way lots we all omit the ones highly spiced nuggets. Also, we are sticking to chains with 20 or greater restaurants, as a way to you fans of hyper-neighborhood fast food fried hen aka Kokio’s and Flyrite out in Texas, we apologize. With that stated, permit’s sink our tooth into a few tasty fast meals fried hen, we could?

10. KFC


Let me start off by saying that putting KFC at the bottom spot isn’t meant to be negative. KFC is like the McDonald’s of fried chicken. They do a decent job on the quality, and they keep the flavor train rolling with Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, and whatever other fried chicken trends they’re monitoring. However, every other single chain on this list was designed to be better than the finger-licking good poultry you can get from KFC.

That being said, KFC definitely deserves the fried chicken love ’cause they still make some pretty damn good chicken.

  1. Zaxby’s


How If you’re not from the Southeastern United States, you probably haven’t heard of this place. However, their influence on the fingers and wings game in their part of the country is strong. Zaxby’s specializes in original and buffalo-flavored chicken that inches above KFC’s poultry. Hopefully, they’ll sprout more locations across the United States so more of us can get a taste of this growing chicken chain.

  1. Bojangles


Bojangles actually opened up shop 40 years ago for this glorious fried chicken day. They celebrate their fried chicken in the simplest way possible: by pairing it with warm, airy biscuits. This tried-and-true combination is oft repeated, but Bojangles knows how to do their basics right. Dance, Mr. Bojangles, dance.

  1. Raising Cane’s


The What sets Raising Cane above and beyond is their legendary Cane Sauce. To quote Guy Fieri, You could put it on a flip-flop and it would taste amazing. If you’re not down with eating footwear, though, at least grab some of Raising Cane’s chicken fingers and fries to dunk into their creamy next-level sauce. That pairing is an absolute winner, and it’s why so many Instagrammers flock to this place to get pictures of their chicken. Raising Cane’s has the popularity and flavor to set it up above the others on this list so far.

  1. Shake Shack


Best Shake Shack is known for their burgers, but you gotta respect their fried chicken game as well. The Chicken Shack, which is the chain’s signature fried chicken sandwich, is a mouthwatering combination of fried chicken, buttermilk mayo, pickles, and lettuce. No faffs, no frills, just a down-home good chicken sandwich that will almost make you forget what the joint is known for. The fact that a well-known burger joint is nonchalantly making this orgasmic chicken sandwich gives it a deserving spot in the middle of this list. It doesn’t have the breadth of the top 5 spots but definitely matches them in terms of tastiness.

  1. Wingstop

I’ve honestly never had a wing flavor at Wingstop that I didn’t like. Whether it be classic buffalo, tangy and fiery Brazilian, or even mouth-puckering lemon pepper, Wingstop knows how to put some wild flavor on a consistently high-performing wing. I’d love to see them put the flavors on other sections of a chicken, but what Wingstop’s got so far is enough to elevate them as America’s best fast food wing joint. Adding their flavors to breasts, thighs, and legs would take it to legendary levels.

  1. Church’s Chicken

The church knows how to do hand-battered, deep-fried chicken right? They’re well-known throughout the entire country and have never been one to skimp on flavor. Church’s is essentially the KFC of gourmet fried chicken, since they’ve got the national reach of KFC but elevate every aspect of their chicken to a level out of Colonel Sanders’ reach. They’re simplistic, sure, but you can’t deny how good their chicken is.

  1. Jollibee
    Jollibee is the Filipino fast food chain that’s gonna take over the United States because of their BOMB fried chicken. They keep it simple like Church’s, and you can get it in tender form or in varied piece buckets. What makes it stand out beyond the rest, however, is a gravy packed with flavors of onion and celery that is absolutely ethereal. You almost want a whole bucket of the gravy just to dip into the chicken, it’s that good. The unique savory notes of that gravy compliment fried chicken in a way that no other fast food chain on this list can replicate, and it’s why Jollibee deserves such a high spot on this list.
  2. Chick-fil-A


America’s favorite fast food joint deserves to be near the top of the list. Their chicken is quintessential, but what I especially enjoy about Chick-fil-A is that they’ve turned fried chicken and breakfast into an art. Most other places don’t even serve fried chicken in the morning, but at Chick-fil-A, it’s all the rage and the perfect way to start your day. And while its lack of traditional pieces of fried chicken keeps it out of the top position, the Chick-fil-A mantra of great service and highly appetizing food is unmatched by anyone else in the nation… save for one.

  1. Popeye’s

Oh guy, can we love that chook from Popeye’s? The Louisiana-style hen is the quality rendition you’re gonna find at any speedy food joint. Their restaurants sense extra like a conventional fried chicken shack than some other chain. With all of the traditional Southern sides and the stages of TLC that cross into each piece of chook, you are nearly transported to a mother-and-pop fried chook spot at any in their hundreds of locations. Nobody else has but to completely reflect the cultural resonance of fried birds the way Popeye’s has, and it’s why they take the pinnacle spot on our rapid food listing.

If you agree or disagree with our alternatives, really let us recognize them. If you’ve got by no means heard of some of those spots, take a look at them out and notice why they are all dropping hearth with their hen. Fried bird is a loved and sacred meal in the united states of America, and it is fantastic to have such a lot of delectable alternatives for a comforting, on-the-cross meal.

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