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What to do to survive from coronavirus!

The World Health Organization has expressed concern over the outbreak of the coronavirus in China. Meanwhile, 25 people have died there. About a thousand are affected. According to the World Health Organization, the coronavirus is zoonotic. That is, this virus spreads from animal body to human body. Now, this virus is spreading from one infected person to another person. Even if you come in contact with the sneeze and cough of an infected person or shake hands with him, the coronavirus can take root in the body.

Symptoms of infection with coronavirus are fever, shortness of breath, and cough. If the disease progresses further, the kidney may be completely destroyed. The coronavirus is deadly. The most worrying thing is that no medicine or vaccine for coronavirus has been discovered so far. The best way is to take care of yourself. Know how to avoid coronavirus-

» Try to stay at home as much as possible. Watch a good movie or hang out with friends to pass the time. But it is better not to go out without necessity.

» Don’t forget to take a mask with you before going out.

» Try to avoid buses, trains or similar public transport.

» Wash hands thoroughly with handwash or liquid soap after returning from outside.

» Close doors and windows before going out. Keep the windows open for an hour in the morning. It will allow enough fresh air and sunlight to enter the house.

» Eat healthy food to stay healthy and strong. Eat plenty of fruits and plenty of water. Wash well before eating or cooking anything.

» When cooking eggs or meat, try to cook for enough time. Make sure they are cooked.

» Try to wash dirty clothes quickly, don’t leave them for days or weeks.

» Keep the house clean. Clean your living room and workspace regularly. Use ethyl alcohol in this case. You can get it at any drug store.

» Must use a mask to stay safe. If you feel sick, consult a doctor immediately. Even if someone you know is infected, seek medical attention immediately.

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